About me.

user_of_interweb is officialy my best friend. We're going to have a party at ma house when my parents go away, so whoever wants to join us in bed, come along ;D.
Luke and I are gonna get married, ninja turtle style.
Julian and I, yea we're going to New York to watch movies, be jealous. We're staying with SkittlesO_O
SkittlesO_O and I own a mafia called ' the people with the super duper cool name as you can tell '
Justsayinnnn is my best friend.. in real life.. she's actualy really dumb ;D, nah I love her.
DinorawrThefirst is fated to marry Joe Brooks, i'm jealous.
Electrilizer is the coolest person ever, I mean, he's superman.. ;D AND HE LOVES ME! w00t.
WhaddaPhoo and I are secretly the same people in different dimensions, we're having an exclusive party.. !
I'm part of Fatima's (QuaintPancakex) and Electrilizer's groups APSI. ;)
pullthetrigger__ is legit the coolest person ever, she makes my life
Fatima and I are also going to go on ANTM, cause all the boys think we're fly. Also, i'm going to go to her house and eat burritos, annd we're going to watch movies :D
Oh_My_TicTac is finaly back! :D, you should talk to her, she's awesome annd amazingly pretty.
Frozen_stars is awesome, we watch TMNT together :D,
annniikkaa is extemly pretty and really cool. Taking over the world as mentioned up there ^
jamesbailey is ma fiance.. and he's wrong, he's totaly cool enough to be in my 'about me' :D.
SaintNICK and I are going to buy an igloo together.. a one bedroom igloo ;D . HE'S a cool nerd :].. and maaybe dashing, charming and sexy.. could happen.
NickBrocious is now one of my best friends! Even though I know nothing about him :D
I_Live_Alone is bringing me burittos ;] AND, she's awesome and needs to stoop shunning me D:
KaySeas and I are gonna have a NAKED PARTY in Tokyo with booze and fly guys.. be jealous again. ;D
TheDifferentOne and I have our own song.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYws8biwOYc&ob=av3e / Cause we're just that.. well awesome xD.
Handsy is the prettiest person ever. Legit.
I'm JamiLovesYou's best friend.. you cannot beat that.
rboyer and I are pedos together, he's so 2010 ;D

YOU should talk to these people they're cool.
I don't plan on going on here anymore.. i'm sorry to anyone :/