If you were stranded on an island, the three most amusing things you would bring are: Michael Phelps, a saddle, and a gold medal tied to a stick. amirite?
@CrazyCheerio haha okay. Michael Phelps is a gold medalist olympic swimmer. You would attach the saddle to Michael, then get on...

I think you'd hold the stick so that the medal is dangling in front of him.That way he'd keep swimming toward it as motivation.

Fuck Boy Scouts. Instead there should be MAN SCOUTS! Activities include tying knots WITH A PYTHON, pitching a tent MADE OF LATEX AND CYANIDE, and earning merit badges and pinning them to YOUR BARE NAKED, HAIRY TORSO. Girl scouts have cookies? That's cool. We've got SMOKED KRAKEN ON A STICK! Amirite?
It's ludacris how Ludacris has taken over the word ludacris. Now whenever someone says ludacris, people think of Ludacris instead of ludacris. That's ludacris, amirite?

It's ludicrous that because of Ludacris, people now think that "ludicrous" is spelled "ludacris."

...Then why do you smoke? Legitimate question, I'm honestly curious.

Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite we will all Come together and meet Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds to talk about Yesterday and then Drive my Car to go see Sergent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. While there Rocky Raccoon almost got into a fight but we told him to Let it Be and then we took the Yellow Submarine Across the Universe where we met Michelle, amirite?

I. Love. This.

"Hold Me Tight, and take me Across the Universe, Because if you just Let It Be, We Can Work It Out - and in the end, All You Need Is Love."

Not as good, but similar idea.

You know society is retarded when you see the nutritional facts printed on water bottles. Seriously, it's the nutritional fucking facts. Of water. What the hell, did our brains just shit themselves and then proceed to ooze out of our ears or what? We should just go down to the store and buy some fucking common sense for the christ's sake. amirite?
@Chromana Reminds me of a case where a woman sued the Cocacola company because she thought diet coke would make her lose...

And that reminds me of the woman who sued McDonald's for not putting a "Caution: Hot" warning label on their coffee cups. And won. If that's not a sign of a screwed-up society, I don't know what is.

Hey guys I'm a girl. I mess with your heart and play with your feelings. I take everything seriously and get other people to make fun of you. I complain that I have my heart broken but in all reality I broke his heart, amirite?

Hey girls, I'm a guy. I play with your feelings and get you to trust me completely. I take everything as a joke and I'm afraid of commitment. As soon as things get too serious, I'm out. I don't care if I hurt you, as long as I get laid.

This makes just about as sense. Just sayin'.

You can tell the age of someone by their iTunes reviews. amirite?

I was looking at the reviews for "Sixteen Candles" one day, and I saw someone had commented, "wait a minute...isnt that the mom from secret life?!?!?!"

I wanted to slap that bitch.

MLIA posts in about 3 months "my friends and i dressed up as harry potter characters and went to the movie, we saw another group of people and high fived. Epic/mind blown!!!" amirite?

And this is different from previous/current MLIAs how...?

You guys think I'm strange to say that peanut butter gets rid of hiccups, amirite?

Nope. It does work. Only thing that does, I believe.

When I say being gay is a sin, and you say "why does it matter if it's a sin? Why can't you just let them be happy?" is like say "Sure that guy murder 6 people, but killing makes him happy, so you shouldn't tell him it's wrong.", amirite?
When I say being gay is a sin, and you say "why does it matter if it's a sin? Why can't you just let them be happy?" is like say "Sure that guy murder 6 people, but killing makes him happy, so you shouldn't tell him it's wrong.", amirite?

Okay, it's so-called Christians like you who give all the rest of us a bad name. Those of you who try forcing your beliefs on everyone and trying to prove everything based on the Bible. I am most definitely a Christian, but I believe that there's a lot of stuff in the Bible that is complete bullshit. I don't believe that everything in there is correct or factual, nor do I believe that we should follow it to the letter. We've already progressed beyond so many of these biblical "laws," like the aforementioned eating shellfish or women cutting their hair. Who says we shouldn't do the same with what the Bible says about gays? We live in a changing, more progressive society, in which gays are far more accepted than they were even 20 years ago. It's high time that the church caught up with it.

And as far as God not accepting or loving gays? The priest at my church is a lesbian. Why would God have called her to preach His word if He hated homosexuals? Chew that one over for a while. Th...

I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy.

Sarah Palin is only making her look even stupider by having a tv show. amirite?

A for effort. I agree with the sentiment, but not the wording.

It sucks when you have $0.89 on iTunes, when most of the products cost $0.99, amirite?

This would have made sense like two years ago...now most everything is $1.29.