" If Aang is air, Katara is water, Toph is earth and Zuko is fire, does that make Sokka heart?"- Uncle Yo, amirite?

Air, Water, Earth, Fire... and SARCASM!

Its really not much of a comedy anymore. they crack jokes once in a while, but thats it.

You know the economy sucks when game shows lower the prize money, amirite?

Congratulations, you have won... A BRAND NEW COFFEE MUG SET!

It seems like all the male Disney villians were really scary, and all the female villians were completely insane, amirite?
@TiffanyYeon Gaston from Beauty and the Beast wasn't really scary

I guess but he was kind of a butt-head. And his death was traumatizing.

I'm fine with having to watch a 1 minute commercial every time I watch a video, but AT LEAST change the commercials up, so that I don't have to watch the same one every single time. amirite?

I know! If I didn't want to book a hotel 5 minutes ago, why would I want to book one now?

It's disappointing when you eat a pastry or something that you think is filled with chocolate, but it actually turns out to be fruit. Amirite?

Raisins are the worst! i'm just chilling gonna eat my chocolate chip muffin and bam! ITS FULL OF STUPID RAISINS!!

Whenever you say something tastes like wood or metal, there is always that one person who asks how you know the taste. Amirite?

This happened to me once, with a little kid!
Kid-This tastes like dog food!
Me-Have you ever tasted dog food?
Kid-Yeah, i have, and it tastes better than this!

Language teachers need to learn to stop speaking in nothing but that language to their students all class long. If you speak only in a language no one in the class understands, it's more likely to confuse and annoy the CRAP out of them than help them learn better. amirite?

Oh my...the stuff that goes on when you don't go on amirite for a week...

It sucks when you someone you just met introduces themselves, and for the next couple times you see them they remember your name, making you feel awful when you can't remember theirs. amirite?
Whenever you think of Linux you think of hackers, amirite?

I thought it was like, a Pokemon or something.

Don't ask for rain and then complain about the mud, amirite?

saw this on a billboard sign while driving