If you date someone who has an identical twin, you probably know what their twin looks like naked. amirite?
@Achilles982 That's why I said "probably"

you have an attitude problem reevaluate it

If you have birthday sex, you're celebrating coming out of a woman by coming in one. amirite?

If you're a guy having hetero sex or a woman having lesbian sex yes, not so much if you're a guy having gay sex or a woman having hetero sex

Some stranger somewhere remembers you because you were weird to them. amirite?

I'm confident that A LOT of stranger will remember that about me.

Since we pay for our Data or Wi-fi, we automatically pay for ads. amirite?

The really messed thing is ads were originally intended to pay for the programing the appear in. Then media providers decided they could ALSO charge you for the service while still getting money from ad revenue!

And we're just fine with that.

You can't kidnap a person, but at your whim can you make a person without them knowing, amirite?

Can you make a person? Yes, with a bit of friskiness.

People rip out their carpets for hardwood flooring and then cover them in large area rugs…like carpet, amirite?
Banks take our money and pay us so little interest. We take bank's money and pay them so much interest. amirite?

...lube not included.

Vegans who tries to protect animals and forces it on others but kills insects or pets are not true vegans, amirite?

You have a right to protect yourself. Rats or mosquitoes can transfer diseases, so even as a Vegan you have every right to kill them if they pose a threat.

Exercise is the only drug that makes you sexier. amirite?

Alcohol makes others around you look sexy

The number of people older than you never increases, amirite?

What about the ladies who celebrate birthdays every decade or so

Ass can produce all 3 states of matter, amirite?

It's the stomach that does this. All three states of matter have also come from my mouth.

Considering the way sand gets everywhere, it's suprizing there isn't sand in more places. amirite?
when regular dogs see police dogs they think oh no it's a cop, amirite?

No they think, "Oh no it's the dog with the owner that will shoot me because I'm not the same color as a Bichon Frise."

The vagina is the original 3D printer, amirite?
It's always the last key you try that works, amirite?

Not always