Every year the anniversary of the meteor impact that killed off the dinosaurs goes by quietly, but no one knows, amirite?

But remember that the length of a day was shorter back then—approximately 23.5 hours—so a year would have had ~373 days, and therefore no single date would correspond to the date when the meteor struck.

Everything you've ever found was in the last place you looked. amirite?

Not true.

I searched and search for the remote one time. Found it but started talking to someone in the room.

After the conversation ended I actually started looking for the remote again while it was already in my hand.

Homelessness is a sign that society is failing. The higher the homeless rate, the weaker we become. amirite?
almost crashing your car will make you drive back in silence, amirite?

I almost always drive in silence...lol

If invisible ink is white and can only be used with a special light, and semen does the same, you could refill your invisible ink pen with your own semen, amirite?

Why does it have to be my semen?

In about 30 years, some senior citizens in retirement homes will be listening to gangster rap and grunge music. amirite?

I was told I would grow out of my Metal phase in my teens. I'm 36 and as into as ever, I'm sure I'll still be listening at 66.

Thats why cocaine is having a timeout

The "&" symbol looks like a guy dragging his ass through the floor. amirite?
Putting down an animals that suffers is the "humane" thing to do, but in most cases humans with a condition that causes permanent suffering are kept alive as long as possible. amirite?
There's always a guy who said that he never study , and ace the test... amirite?
@Mcgee0 Yea because they're auditory learners so hearing the lecture is all they need

This and also, some teachers have tendencies to their tests and some of us could pick up on those tendencies.

Stupid people are happier because they are often unaware of life's details, amirite?

I wish I was stupid

Humans might evolve into being in complete control of their penis, amirite?
@Mrtechnohawk Where do you see the evolutionary advantage of that?

Lower risk of getting your dong jammed in a pant zipper.

Erasers slowly sacrifice their lives because of your mistakes. amirite?

Ahhh like the tiny pink Jesuses of the stationary world ..

The Moon is the more useful than the Sun since it gives us light during the night, when it is dark. The Sun shines only in the daytime, when it is light anyway. amirite?

Holy crap, I hope you are joking

You can be underweight and overweight but you can't be weight, amirite?

Well yes you can but we call it "ideal weight."