One day there will be something even more extreme than vegan and they will shame everyone even vegans and be even more annoying. amirite?

I was thinking about this because a friend was wondering where to go next. I suggested that currently as a vegan he doesn't use anything that harms animals. Why does he not look into only using things that don't harm HUMANS - especially as most of what we use & consume comes at least in part from humans working in horrific conditions.

If you like a YouTuber, watch their commercials without skipping. amirite?
Animals are smarter than humans in at least one way. Animals would never let the dumbest member of the herd lead the rest. amirite?

Lemmings will follow eachother off a cliff.

You'll never touch the same molecule of water again, amirite?

Dont tell me what i can and cant do

Most heroes don't wear capes. amirite?

Have you not seen the incredibles? No capes you get sucked into plane engines or other similar devices

Parents who co-sleep with their infants and toddlers hate sleep, amirite?
Mankind will become extinct not from lack of food or water but lack of empathy. amirite?
@donna Then make sure you're part of the solution and not the problem

If he wants to speed this up then he would want to become part of the problem.

We human beings tend to think of certain other human beings as somehow very different from us, but we are all the same, all of us glued to our smartphones with their occasional charging tails. amirite?

This actually true most get up go to work get home eat maybe do some work around the house, watch tv repeat.

"You do you" is always sarcastic. amirite?


The last Picture your old phone captures is the thing that makes it obsolete. amirite?
The percentage of the population that is ginger is the same as the people with DID, amirite?

Google says that 2 percent or less have DID and 13 percent have ginger hair.

The members of the Supreme Court probably have a group iMessage. amirite?

Unless they don't all have iPhones

Putting down an animals that suffers is the "humane" thing to do, but in most cases humans with a condition that causes permanent suffering are kept alive as long as possible. amirite?

In Canada, one may ask to be medically euthanized if certain criteria are met.

Humans are the only dominant species that bitch about their existence. They're also the first dominant species capable of bitching about their existence. amirite?

The only one we know about. I bet dolphins complain as well, they're too smart not to

The last 3-4 generations can loosely be defined by a stage in Michael Jackson's career. amirite?

Free willie