The number of people older than you never increases, amirite?

What about the ladies who celebrate birthdays every decade or so

It's always the last key you try that works, amirite?

Not always

Everything you've ever found was in the last place you looked. amirite?

Not true.

I searched and search for the remote one time. Found it but started talking to someone in the room.

After the conversation ended I actually started looking for the remote again while it was already in my hand.

almost crashing your car will make you drive back in silence, amirite?

I almost always drive in

Stupid people are happier because they are often unaware of life's details, amirite?

I wish I was stupid

If you like a YouTuber, watch their commercials without skipping. amirite?

Absolutely not.

You'll never touch the same molecule of water again, amirite?

Dont tell me what i can and cant do

The percentage of the population that is ginger is the same as the people with DID, amirite?

Google says that 2 percent or less have DID and 13 percent have ginger hair.

It's December when shores are abandoned . Kingdom of sand left without a sand castle. for the year, It's THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN, amirite?
If you the way word extraordinary all the way through it sounds fantastical, but if you pronounce it like extra-ordinary, it sounds just a little better than ordinary. amirite?

That word is reserved for David Attenborough narration for planet earth. That's HIS word