There's always a guy who said that he never study , and ace the test... amirite?
@Mcgee0 Yea because they're auditory learners so hearing the lecture is all they need

This and also, some teachers have tendencies to their tests and some of us could pick up on those tendencies.

Sleeping for 5 hours or 5000 years may relatively feel the same. amirite?

about to do that nyquil and find out

If you date someone who has an identical twin, you probably know what their twin looks like naked. amirite?
@Achilles982 That's why I said "probably"

you have an attitude problem reevaluate it

Mankind will become extinct not from lack of food or water but lack of empathy. amirite?
@donna Then make sure you're part of the solution and not the problem

If he wants to speed this up then he would want to become part of the problem.

If SD cards are thin and flat and in a similar shape of floppy disks why don't we just make floppy SDs with tons of storage, amirite?

When you say tons of storage, what do you mean? Terabytes? That is out there now.

Somehow, 7/10 sounds way better than 3.5/5 even though it's exactly the same. amirite?

3.5/5 means (7/2)/5 which is 7/10. So yeah. But it takes a lot of effort to think about it that way. It's better and easier to just say 7/10.

Every basketball shot will go in if thrown from the right place, amirite?
Pubes in the rim, amirite?

I shave my pubes at the urinal

when regular dogs see police dogs they think oh no it's a cop, amirite?

No they think, "Oh no it's the dog with the owner that will shoot me because I'm not the same color as a Bichon Frise."

If invisible ink is white and can only be used with a special light, and semen does the same, you could refill your invisible ink pen with your own semen, amirite?

Why does it have to be my semen?

If you're a hot girl you can drive the ugliest car in the world and no guy bats an eye but a hot guy driving a POS is a failure. amirite?
@Trashy21 I drive a pos, it's still running why would I replace it?

What is considered a pos car anyway? 😅 I feel like different people may have a different perception about this.

Someone somewhere remembers you because you were really weird to them, amirite?
If you're hot cosplaying is acceptable, if you're ugly then cosplaying makes you a loser, amirite?

Yep, that how the world works

The first company to project ads across the moon is going to get ultra rich. amirite?

Imagine if it's Geico

We human beings tend to think of certain other human beings as somehow very different from us, but we are all the same, all of us glued to our smartphones with their occasional charging tails. amirite?

This actually true most get up go to work get home eat maybe do some work around the house, watch tv repeat.