If Glee has a Christmas episode, Mercedes will probably sing 'O Holy Night' and either Rachel or Kurt will sing 'All I Want For Christmas is You', amirite?

They are having one! :D the cd was already released! :D

@Jankofett What happened to Thanksgiving?

Oh sorry, lemme just go put up the turkey lights and go take a picture with a pilgrim! haha just kidding, its just most kids my age think of thanksgiving as a day off from school and a akward dinner :)

And thats how Sue "C's" it. :)

Halloween is on a Sunday...not cool. amirite?
Finn and Rachel from Glee shouldent be toether all season, Finn should dump Rachel for Quinn, amirite?
@Finn and Kurt should be together. Jacob and Rachel should be together as well.

I dont know about Finn and Kurt haha but im all for a strong friendship between them! and yea they should because Rachel is etting on my nerves soooo much and im a complete Finn and Quinn shipper.

your really excited about the third season of glee tonight amirite?

Its the second season premire. The first season was split into two half becauase they didnt know who well the show was going to do, BUT MAN IT DID GOOD!

Your exited for the Glee season 2 premire tommorow, amirite?

The only thing im not exited to see is rachel and finn together! im a total Finn and Quinn shipper :)

You can't wait for Glee's season 2, specially to see the "Empire State of Mind" cover, amirite?

but there not and i know im right so i dont even wanna deal with this anymore its just annoying because ITS SEASON 2

You can't wait for Glee's season 2, specially to see the "Empire State of Mind" cover, amirite?

no their actually not. look it up.

You can't wait for Glee's season 2, specially to see the "Empire State of Mind" cover, amirite?

No, its not. the first season was 2 parts

People in 8th grade should not be saying that their bisexual or not straight. You've dating middle school kids of course dating them is going to have a bunch of drama but c'mon! amirite?

theres a few girls and guys in my school saying that their bisexual and not straight and im only in 8th grade but their saying that they are because they have realized every guy they have dated is a d-bag so they think that their not straight and if they aregoodfor them i mean i support NOH8 but still!

You wish you went to school at William Mckinley High School, amirite?
@KoalaHugger_ Can't decide whether this is a Glee reference or a Freaks & Geeks reference. Either way, yes xD

Its glee! haha i thought a few more people would agree but then i realized all they have their is slushie facils!

You're excited for Glee Season 2, amirite?
@FINCHEL ALL THE WAY!! Lol, sorry! I absolutely despise Finn/Quinn. :3

haha its cool :) Quinn did kinda screw him over big time....but they're just so cute together! (in my opinion xD)

You're excited for Glee Season 2, amirite?

YES I AM!!!!! but i just hope they have finn and quinn together at SOME POINT! even though its deff not happining:(

Tall Guys are REALLY attractive, amirite?