No way! It's finally back and if they wanted us happy then... Yeah, We Are! Amirite?

I actually logged out and it was going to be the last time I ever went on amirite but this'll keep me here for a while.

If humans had always lived underground, we would have a very different concept of time, amirite?
Guys: You hate how girls think all of us can pee standing up, amirite?
You know you are screwed when Windows Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) is not responding, amirite?
Beleive it or not, some of us don't get scared when our toast pops up. We also hear a noise at night and don't think anything of it. And gasp we can stick our foot out from under the covers and not care about whether anything will eat it. Grow up, amirite?

I could call this tough love, but it feels more like hate.

Why are all patronuses relatively small animals? Someone should have a big enough personality to have a giraffe, an elephant, a whale, or a DRAGON, amirite?

If i could shoot a dragon out of my wand it wouldn't just be for warding dementors.

The online advert with a big red button that says "push me" is incredibly tempting to click on, amirite?

Or the ones with games d smilie how can I not resist shooting those ducks for a free Iphone?

It's okay to punch an Orphan in the face, afterall who are they going to tell? Their parents? amirite?

And it's okay to kill a person because who're they gonna tell, they're dead.

Pornography shouldn't be so easy to access, amirite?

**** censors.

It would be cool if amirite had a point system. Like submitting an amirite could be 5 points, voting could be 3 and commenting could be 2 and then the more points you get, the more cool add-ons you have. Like level 7 people could have colored backgrounds or an IM feature, amirite?

What you're looking for is Yahoo Answers. Exactly that.

Magic is all about how you interpret it. Sure we don't have flying cars, or magic wands, but we do have technology that allows us to talk to someone thousands of miles away, doors that open for us, and access to all sorts of information at the touch of the button. It's just a matter of perspective, amirite?
Some people are really good at puns, while others arepun't, amirite?
@I don't get it.

It's inserting the word pun where it wouldn't actually be a pun.

You want to have another life after this one, amirite?

Take the blue pill.

Soon, being able to write cursive will be a skill that's on the level of being able to solve a rubiks cube. amirite?
It's better to let 10 guilty men go free than put one innocent man in jail, amirite?
@you really are a fool. did you give up on cleaning your room because there is more on the ground than you had put...

Parody Post Time! You really are a ass. did you give up on using logic because there is... uh... You know what, screw this. You're a dick.