Being 16 isn't a BIG deal... amirite?

What shows specifically have 16 year olds…?

Being "alone together" is awful, amirite?

It's not awful. Even if each of you is doing their own thing there is still a connection. You can look over at them and remember a nice event or something. Being "with" someone who makes you feel bad or alone is awful.

Teachers who force/grade students to take notes in a specific format are basically morons. amirite?

"Teachers who have a large group of students try something they normally wouldn't are basically morons" lol okay

David Attenborough is just ridiculous now, amirite?

He works for the BBC, what did you expect?🤷

Being "alone together" is awful, amirite?
@Eslaurrra Yes! It's like. When I want to be alone I want to rest from human interaction, yes, but I also want to be...

I disagree, my girlfriend doesn't really count as other human interaction, I am all of those things you list around her.

Public Humiliation would be a far better punishment than jail time, amirite?

I have seen some stories about judges(usually in smallish towns) who would give people who committed misdemeanors punishments that were more humiliation instead of jail or fines.

When you sing Puff The Magic dragon your state of mind immediately resets for the better. amirite?

Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea

And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee

Little Jackie Paper loved that rascal Puff

And brought him strings, and sealing wax, and other fancy stuff


Thanks, OP!

Dinosaurs ran off of fossil fuels, amirite?

Even if fossil fuels were actually made from dinosaurs this wouldn't make any sense.

(fossil fuels are plant-based, not dinosaur-based)

Roadside memorials are just emotional litter, amirite?
@returnonewayticket People place mounds of garbage that is never tended to. They pull over on highways to place more items, which is...

Oh I'm sure you came to this discussion armed with a list of examples of people being hurt in incidents involving a roadside memorial. Surely you wouldn't try convince people they are a safety issue just on intuition. I'll wait.

People tend to respect their job more than their spouse, amirite?
The classic stereotype that males won't ask for directions died in less than two decades. amirite?

But what if I tend to try not to ask my phone for directions either

I think that the show "The Boys" has become the thing it criticizes, amirite?

The Boys is absolutely not about "criticizing mega corporations."

That is not the point of the show.

Darth Vader cannot scratch an itch, amirite?
Recycling is an illusion that fools us into thinking we are saving the planet, amirite?

Reduce Reuse Recycle is in that order for a reason. It says to reduce consumption, then in the few cases that isn't possible, reuse the thing as much as possible, and in the extreme cases where even that isn't possible, recycle it. Recycling is by far the least important on that list.

Saying you're humble immediately makes you less humble. amirite?

You're doing it wrong, but then again, I'm maybe 100x more humble than you. I'm like, the BEST at at being humble. 🥸