During every cremation at a funeral, there is a point where the meat is perfectly cooked. amirite?
Sinks are undergrown urinals. amirite?

Pretty sure someone died from this

People who use hand gestures while they talk must knock over significantly more things at the dinner table, amirite?

Eyem bout that life

The lamest way to die as an insect must be getting stuck in a spiders web that doesn't house any spiders, amirite?

The best is probably getting swatted by a human. To a fly you're a nigh-immortal god who will live for thousands of their generations, you're huge and your waste can feed them, you comprehend concepts so far beyond them. We are Lovecraftian gods to bugs. Getting swatted by a human would be like a human getting personally targeted and crushed by Cthulhu.

In most scenarios, the hardest part of solving a problem is figuring out what the problem is in the first place. amirite?
99% of songs include singers complaining about their lives, amirite?

So songs about history, bragging, books, movies, partying or love don't exist anymore?

$50,000 is simultaneously a lot of money and not very much money. amirite?

Winning this at a casino would be awesome. Salary? Awful.

The first Dating App was created by a desperate person. amirite?
@Larny2019 Or just someone wanting to capitalize on a persons inherent need to love in a increasingly online world

That person must be earning thousand of dollars thanks to people who are afraid about finding their soulmate face-to-face.

If every fossil found is evidence of past life, using fossil fuel is burning the evidence. amirite?

Smol brain OP

You either read it as OMG or OMG, amirite?

potato or potato

If a man does balls transplant, and then he has a child, it won't be his child. amirite?
@Boknows12 yes, sperm and it's DNA forms in testicle

But doesn't the brain govern that process including the code that is programmed into the sperm?

Clifford is either a female or has a microscopic dong, amirite?
@Camperofjustice Or an average dog-sized one.

It would be so unproportional to him though lmao

It can't be a coincidence that Moby Dick just so happens to be a Sperm Whale, amirite?

A white sperm whale, at that.

You can probably tell if someone had a good or bad childhood by whether or not they like surprises, amirite?

I cant be suprised. I mean, i dont feel anything when someone "suprises" me with a present or anything. Whats wrong with me? I would always stand there and fake smile or reaction

There's a type of person who will take only one slice of pizza in case there isn't enough for everyone, and a type who will take three slices for the same reason. amirite?

Lick each slice then no one else will want to eat any of them.