Any highway is a highway to hell if you drive poorly enough. amirite?
"Genius Criminals" are not such when they are committing such terrible acts. amirite?
Some psycho killer could hang up an actual skeleton in front of their house during Halloween and no one would notice it's real, amirite?

Well, not NO ONE, but probably 98% of people, yeah.

Opposite day is theoretically impossible, amirite?

I had a stroke reading this

Humans are the only species which looks at "being fat" as a bad trait while choosing a mate. amirite?
Realistically, if a person is born an immortal, they would stay as a toddler forever. amirite?


If you argue they wouldn't age, they would be a fertilised egg for ever...

The most apologetic people are normally the people who have done the least wrong. amirite?

Sure seems that way. I see it as people who seek to repair relationships usually cause less damage to relationships.

All genetically inherited abnormalities are STDs, amirite?

That would be STA's. Abnormalities is not the same as disease.

Technically if you're pro-life, you can't be a meat eater. amirite?
Technically if you're pro-life, you can't be a meat eater. amirite?
@motorbikemilly Basically a vegan

I'm not very educated on all of the types of things like that. So I just said meat eater too make sure it was as right as possible. I like to assume I'm most likely wrong.

Technically if you're pro-life, you can't be a meat eater. amirite?
@Crazymotherfuker What?

Pro-life arguement is that all life matters. I was making fun of a point/loophole there.

The wealthier you are, the further your couch is from a wall. amirite?

MY couch is in the next house. So I'm super rich, considering the distance from my wall! And believe me, it is my couch! Just don't ask my neighbor.

Some big important history event or past event could have happened but nobody knows about it if it was never taught or nobody told anybody. amirite?

If it was important or a big event wouldn't it be known by default. If it was able to go unnoticed it likely wasn't important.

socks just portable napkins, amirite?

Aren't napkins already portable?

Games are addictive because we hate the reality around us. amirite?

Games are addicting because they provide you with instantaneous and consistent rewards for completing unambiguous and reachable goals.

In life, rewards are not guaranteed, the rules and the goals are not clear, and life will punish you for doing the right thing for no reason.