Dogs were once an exotic pet. amirite?

So was I

You know you are comfortable with someone when silence isn't awkward anymore, amirite?

Or farts

Condom Companies, such as Trojan and Durex, are slowly putting themselves out of business, amirite?

Maybe thats why so many kids are born because of split condoms. The splits are not actually accidents.

Since it's been proven that iPhone cameras distort your face, there has never been a "no filter" photo taken with an iPhone. amirite?

Where is the proof?

Nope, nothing is extracted from CBD unlike caffeine in coffee.

A piece of paper is a rectangular prism, amirite?
@Highvaluedaygame Is it really?? it can be a cylinder, triangular prism etc

An unaltered piece of paper then. Since you want to be specific.

Arabic numerals have as many pronunciations as the number of languages you speak, amirite?

Not necessarily, 1 is uno in Spanish and Italian

A single teenage boy alone has killed more lives than all the mass murderers of the world combined. amirite?
@Struyk3 you said "all of them" and some of them were male

if semen is lives then egg cells are lives too. so women also murder people with every period.

One day, a smartphone camera will be better than our eyesight. amirite?
You dip everything you eat in saliva, amirite?
The hearing impaired must really not get the big deal with Morgan Freeman, amirite?

That's deafening

If Supermans' ship had landed in the ocean instead of Kansas, he would have been really strong Aquaman, amirite?
@Water-into-weed his most know power is talking to fish

Yeah but that's only the version of him from this weird Aquaman series from the 70's.
The normal version can't do that.
They can only control them and don't forget in the DC universe there are not only the animals we know living in the ocean.
And on land is he still very strong.
He's like Superman just without the flying and with more muscle power.

VR will one day be integrated into homes and will replace physical interior design, amirite?

If it's an option, I'll settle for it.

If you turn the word OK sideways, it looks like a stick man! amirite?

Actually not but ok

People who don't like the crust of bread just like their bread rare, amirite?