People born in 1999 will be the last Living things from the 20th century, amirite?

Who's to say they won't all die before someone from 1998 or earlier. Also I'm pretty sure there are some animals that outlive human, by like a lot.

When drawn, eyes sometimes look like nipples, amirite?

If your nips look like eyes, you should get that checked bro.

Most people have never had to go to a shoe store barefoot, yet we all had to get our first pair somehow. amirite?
@Vic8760 Damn, you weren't born with shoes? L

No. They felt I didn't deserve a pair of shoes until I could demonstrate my ability to walk in front of them. I imagine. I don't remember the event myself, and my parents haven't given me a history of my shoes.

Invisalign is a really expensive thing that no one wants to steal. amirite?
@Mrtechnohawk My daughter took her Invisalign out to eat lunch at school last year and left it in the case in her backpack in her...

Damn, why would even anyone even steal it if no one other than the person it was made for can use it? That's just purely malicious, I'm sorry

People laugh about how cats love boxes, but if there was suddenly a box bigger than you in your living room, you'd probably go in it too. amirite?
@Dr-pen Every time I change a 40 or 50 gallon water heater, I poke eye holes in it and proceed to wear it on my way over to...

I have a sofa bed I keep spare blankets inside of, and having a tidy up the other day, you bet your ass I tried to see if I could fit inside it as a 32 year old adult.

Being inside of a blanket is kinda similar to being born. amirite?
@browndog888 your head is sticking out of your blanket

Oh true..its just without the stress of birth then lol.

It's taken for granted that dogs don't need to be wiped after pooping, amirite?

They actually do. People just neglect it and end up with poo particles on their couches or bed. My pit loves getting his butt hole wiped.

You don't know how your body functions but your brain does, even though you are your brain. amirite?

Even crazier, what about a cut. Even a brain dead person will heal a cut.

You don't know how your body functions but your brain does, even though you are your brain. amirite?
@monsterallergies The brain is nothing like a computer. The computer is just the technologically most advanced thing that we can...

I like the idea that Westworld used, in that the entirety of a human consciousness is actually a remarkably small amount of actual "code" and once learned, is quite easy to reproduce.

The more languages you speak, the more accents you have, amirite?

I speak English with a Midwest American accent, Spanish with a Guatemalan accent (primary teacher was from there), and French with a French-Canadian accent (same on teacher).

I have accents, but they're all different.

No one wishes you better health and safety than your insurance company. amirite?

Nah, they want some small, cheap fixes. Otherwise, you would probably decide you don't need it.

The sinking of the Titanic must have been one of the greatest offerings to Poseidon ever. amirite?

with the oceans rising, he's gonna have all the offerings he could want

AI and humans will have a symbiotic relationship, not an adversarial one, amirite?

simbiosis implies mutual benefit

we'll benefit from AI, but at some point we'll be of no benefit to AI

Burgers seem unhealthy until you look at the ingredients, amirite?

Processed cheese/beef/bread and sauce isnt exactly healthy

The only actual healthy parts are the vegetables

Learning to be on your own makes you a good match to be in a relationship, amirite?
@Stereotypesexist absolutely agree! Can't love others without learning how to love yourself first

I know how to love myself. Slow feels better at the end, but if you're in a hurry, you gotta speed it up a bit.