The smaller the titz, the sweeter the pussy. Amirite?

Absolutely correct, good sir. I'm glad this showed up in my just in.
Thought provoking.

Do you like children enough to want to be a parent?

Most certainly not.

What's your spirit animal? Is it different than your favorite animal?

My spirit animal is an Owl.
My favorite animal is an Okapi.

If your friend is a LGBT,what would you do? you will stay away fom them,or you will be friends with them?even if your friend had a crush on you.

LGBT = Legbutt

You're fond of humanity. Amirite?

I think that there are more bad people than good in the world.

Me and some friends played bloody mary. The person who went in the bathroom and chanted her name three times came out of the bathroom fine. Progressively, through the night, 3 scratches on his back appeared, and grew in size. It was quite the event.

"No offense, but..." is code for "I'm about to say something offensive," amirite?
The only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability.

You just absolutely SMASHED OP.

You find yourself physically attracted to some of the posters here. We're a good-looking bunch of people? Amirite?

Thank you for making me feel conceited, amirite.

Search for a single question which would get a unanimous answer from all 7 billion humans alive now?

I don't get the purpose of the picture being there, really.

How would you take over the world?

with mirrors

What prompted you to become an atheist?

I used to be a christian, and had never read the bible. I went to a summer camp with my buddy who was also a christian, and when I came back I decided to take the time and sit down and read the holy book. By the time I was done, I realized how many contradictions are in the bible, and asked myself, "If God is so ever loving and forgiving, than why would he let humans, for hundreds of years go in in famine, drought, and war, and do nothing about it?" I just became more of an Atheist along the way, I guess.

When is it right for a girl to have an abortion?
When is it right for a girl to have an abortion?
@Len Whenever she pleases. A man though? That'd just be immoral.

I agree, it would be totally immoral for a man to have an abortion.
What treachery.

This website is a collage of free-form jazz. amirite?
@Skr3wBall ... What?

In a sense that it's unorganized, and totally all over the place.