About me.

My YouTube account: http://www.youtube.com/talonsandtealeaves
My blog: http://hallowsnothorcruxes.blogspot.com/

As you can probably tell by those , I like Harry Potter. A lot. And I'm excited for Pottermore. If you want to talk to me about Harry Potter, send me a message. I'm a Hufflepuff. And I'm proud.

As my username suggests, I'm a fan of Dan Bergstein's blogs on SparkLife. I also enjoy other blogs such as: Hyperbole and a Half, Megan Squared, and those written by Youtubers such as Kristina Horner and Hayley Hoover.

I'm a nerdfighter. I've watched every vlogbrothers video from the beginning. Even though I discovered them only a few months ago.
My profile on the ning: http://nerdfighters.ning.com/profile/Desi3

I enjoy reading, and like books other than Harry Potter. I sometimes like books by Sarah Dessen, mostly based on my mood. My absolute favorite book is Paper Towns.

I like original Disney movies and princesses, though I greatly dislike Ariel. I also like other movies, but listing them would include thinking. And I don't want to think.

How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite T.V. shows currently playing.

If you read that entire thing, I just wasted a minute of your life. And I'm keeping it.

Don't be afraid to message me, I like talking to people.