SWAG: Something We Asians Got, amirite?
Girls, we do reread our conversations with you, with a smile, just like you do...amirite?
What does a turtle and a pedophile have in common? They both want to get there before the hair does. amirite?

yeahh i think he meant tortoise lmao.

So in order to be the "perfect guy" I need to have a british accent, play guitar, be able to sing and write music, and a six pack, amirite?
SWAG: Something We Asians Got, amirite?
Theres only two places that are acceptable to go number 2 without your friends making a face or making fun of you. At home, and at a buffet. amirite?

At a buffet? lol...i think the poster means going for second servings

Theres this one song you love soooo much, but it makes you cry almost every time you hear it, amirite?
Science teachers/other people always say that life couldn't exist on other planets, because they have no water or oxygen. Who ever said that all life is like ours? They could have formed from other things and live on things that would easily kill us, amirite?
@Okay, I don't know about anybody else, but I've NEVER heard any scientist, science teacher, or anybody else ever...

No you idiot, what Awesomsaurus3000 was trying to say is that science teachers/other people say that life cannot exist on planets like Mars because theres no atmosphere, no water...understand now? jeez

PC: The older, respected kid. Mac: The cool kid...amirite?
If I asked you to have sex with me... Would the answer to that question be the same as the answer to this question? Amirite?
It's funny how your new school books are practically saying "You know all that shit you learned last year? Well this 1st chapter, yeah, that's all you really needed to know", amirite?


The fact that you can't actually make 2/3 out of 100 and have to put "67" REALLY gets irritating, amirite?

what? im confused

Guys: You don't understand that the littlest thing you say to girls can destroy or make our day. amirite?

i have to agree with TheWeasel, and
@420Grrl: i dont think it has anything to do with self esteem, its just well nothing to do with self esteem.

You can't stand it when people try to disprove the theory "There are no stupid questions" amirite?
Anything can be a swear word. Chair you, you pantsing Thursday, amirite?