In the Lion King, maybe Scar wouldn't have been such a bad dude if his damn parents hadn't named him "Scar". amirite!?
Florida men most likely get their powers from all of the hurricanes. amirite?

Or the amount of alcohol they consume on a daily basis,

You can probably count to the number right before infinity, but cannot count to infinity, amirite?

Infinity is not a number but more so of a concept of something being never ending. If you were counting to "infinity", you're not so much counting to a number that's called "infinity" but rather counting indefinitely. Because you're counting indefinitely, there's no means of getting to a number that's before "infinity".

It would actually benefit everyone on Earth if there was a global effort to decrease the population over a few generations, and yet something like that will probably never happen. amirite?
@SAS191104 What exactly happened there?

Population control. Didn't really work for most of China, and also disturbed the balance of male/female ratio.

The tallest man on earth has experienced the height of everyone else. amirite?
We all want a girlfriend but some of us are virgins who wouldn't even know what to do if we got 1, amirite?
High school teaches you how to fit in with society, amirite?

That's a weird way of saying that you develop social skills at school.

People don't worry much when their windows broke, but 90% will freak out if their Windows broke, am I rite?

Found the guy who's never paid to replace a window.

Nothing shows an entertainer's career is almost over as much as becoming a judge on a reality show. amirite?
For less than a split second, you are the latest person in the whole world to say a word. amirite?
@gamegenius I don't think that's possible

What do you mean? If you say the word "yes", you will have been the most recent person to say "yes" until an instant later when someone else does.