If emotional scars showed the way physical scars do, people would probably take each other's personal pain and struggles more seriously, amirite?

Very true. We never know what pain a person is going through by their appearance. Kindness should be our first instinct.

Self-check out: Love it or hate it?

I've only used it once, don't care for it.

Self-check out: Love it or hate it?

If I wanted to work there I would apply

We talk about white privilege and male privelege, but we hardly every talk about right privelege, the fact that lefties live in a world made for right handed people. amirite?

I'm left handed, it never bothered me... being left handed or any of those other things.

Not a "Woe is me" person.

OK, Trump has been interesting, but would you really vote for him?

and then I did vote for him and he proved to be the best choice by far.
Weird huh?
My other choice was Hillary, the most evil of them all. She needed to lose no matter what.


You made me think about something. If people didn't strive for something they didn't have, or that even exisited, to go beyond the limits of meeting their basic needs, would we have electricity, cars, air conditioning, planes, modern medicine etc etc etc? Just a thought. Only 50 years ago, a regular person would have asked if anyone really needed a personal computer. Hell, 60 years ago, one would have cost about the same as a yacht.

Going through that right now with meds. I am going through chemo and the Dr. perscribed 30 pills. The pharmacy only filled 9, saying the insurance would only pay for 9 at a time. Now I have to pay three times the co-pay. It's a racket.

What was the dumbest thing you did out of curiosity as a child?
@ozzyboy Abilities and needs fluctuate way too much for this to work. Do the elites really need their yachts? They think...

It shouldn't be about what people "need" or don't need. Who is to say what people should or shouldn't have, if they can afford it? I really don't care if a person can afford or wants a yacht. It's a matter of scale. Does anyone need a motor boat for pleasure? Does anyone need a waverunner? Does anyone need a private plane? (Regardless of the size or cost) Does anyon need a million dollar house? Lets take it a step further. Does a professional athlete "need" 30 million a year? Does an actor need 20 million a movie? Does a Dr. deserve making a million plus a year?
Or, does a HS graduate deserve the same things as a Dr., who spent 8 years in school and works 60 hours a week?
People who work hard and sacrifice to get where they are, have erned it. I don't buy into the whole argument that some people don't have the chances because they never went to school, or couldn't advance because they made some bad decissions in life. We all make decisions in life and should have to live with the consequences of those decisions. Good or bad.
Add in the fact, that people are NOT equal, never have been, and never will be. There are people with an IQ of 180 and those with an IQ of 80. There are those with athletic abilities and those with none. There are those born with great looks and those who are dog ugly. It's just the luck of the draw. People should be given an equal opportunity to go after their dream, but nobody owes them that dream.

OK, Trump has been interesting, but would you really vote for him?

That's kind of sad, isn't it? As divided as the country is, and has been for decades now, we aren't going to get the best or most qualified at ANY level of politics. Who, in their right mind, would want to run unless they had 100% backing from one of the two evils we have to choose from? It doesn't matter if a person supports or doesn't support Trump. Look at how he and his family have been dragged through the mud with accusations (some probably true and some proven to be false). The left as well as the right will refuse to let anyone do the job they were elected to do unless they get their agendas pandered to.

What’s your favorite hot sandwich?

French Dip
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It really doesn't matter to me. As far as people saying far fetched things, like suggesting peope might burn what what they bought there in the past. That's just crazy. First of all, Dicks doesn't "make" anything at all. If Dicks wants to make a politcal statement, that's fine with me. I just shop elsewhere now. It's like if Dairy Queen stopped selling ice cream. There is always somewhere else to buy it. How long would Dairy Queen stay in business? Too many buesiness owners think they are more relevant than they really are.