About me.

I’m not very popular here and I’m okay with that. I don’t post that much and if I comment then it’s a miracle. But I still really like this site.

If you’re reading this then HI THERE! I hope you’re having fun reading about me and stuff. I promise to keep this fun (or at least I’ll try).

I really like to read. How much? A lot. I love the Harry Potter books. Also, I love Hunger Games trilogy, Darkest Powers trilogy, Hush Hush series, Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, and many more. You can say I LOVE series, so if you know any good ones please share with me!

I am a true potterhead. I am obsessed with Harry Potter. But don't worry I'm not one of those that will hate you if you haven't read the books or if you don't like the series. I probably know more about Harry Potter than many (not trying to be snotty or something.. it's just that I like to read the books A LOT). I LOVE discussing things about HP and if you check my posts you'll notice that many of them are about HP.

I LOVE youtubeing funny Spongebob scenes and stuff. It's kinda weird but it's entertaining. So far I've reached the conclusion that the show wouldn't be half as funny without Patrick. He is funny as hell. This isn't my favorite but it sure makes me laugh. If you have any Spongebob links that you want to share PLEASE DO SO!

I like collecting CDs. I don’t know why but I like the feeling that I really own the music. I know that I can easily download any song I want by free but it’s cooler to have the CDs. I started collecting not so long ago so my collection isn’t big enough.. yet. I love going to the CD store and just roam around searching for cool albums and stuff.

I love listening to music. But hey, who doesn’t? (Actually, my dad hates music which is sad.. and beside the point.) I’m currently learning to play the guitar right now. I don’t suck at it but I’m not awesome (yet!).

What kind of music do I like? It really varies, and I’m open-minded with all genres… well almost all genres. My favorite bands right now are: Foster the People, Miike Snow, Graffiti 6, Sufjan Stevens, Los Campesinos!, Viva Brother, Mumford & Sons, and many more I can’t think of right now. If you know any of them you’re awesome and you’ve earned some brownie points! Yay!

English isn’t my first language. I’m from El Salvador… but you’ve probably never heard of it (hipster moment). If you have you’ve earned- wait for it MORE brownie points! Woot woot! I first learned English at school so I guess I’m pretty good at it. I’m currently learning French and I suck. Je ne peux pas parler en francais trés bien.

I have three dogs and I love them a lot.

I’d consider myself shy at first but when I feel comfortable I’m pretty cool.

I really like this song You should check it out.

So anywhore.. Feel free to message me if you want to!
Adios, amigo!