About me.

I have crazy curly hair that tries to consume my head on a daily basis. I can speak Spanish fluently-I learned it at the same time I learned English. I can speak French brokenly-I am in my 3rd year of learning it. My favorite word in French is pamplemousse (grapefruit). The cat in the picture is not mine; I just thought the grapefruit helmet looked pretty awesome. I play soccer, tennis, and dance. I love snowy days just as much as sunny summer days. I love watching old cartoons just as much as I love watching silly and dramatic shows... ok, maybe I love cartoons a little more. I can be extremely awkward at times, but I'm pretty sure that this most of this generation is going to turn out awkward. My friends and I are all geeks but we're the coolest of the geeks. I'm supposedly intelligent but I doubt this most of the time. I finally filled this in so that I could avoid the mountain of homework for AP classes that I still have left to do.