It can get annoying when a girl uses the word "like" all of the time. like, amirite?

It's supposed to be said, "I can get like super annoying like when a girl like used the word 'like' like all the time, like amirite or amirite?" xD

Harry Potter movies are a bit unrealistic, I mean a redhead with 2 friends?! amirite?

I think red heads are hott. Don't judge.

It's not the end of the decade- the decade ends and the END of this year because there was no year 0, they started on year 1. So, 2011 marks the beginning of the new decade. amirite?

This decade started at 2000 so technically it did start at zero and it is the end of the decade. (2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009) Count it it's ten years.

Thank you for making this 2000th post possible, we love all followers and users of, amirite?

Wasted the 2000th post. Shame...

People shouldn't make a wish at 11:11pm. There's only one true wish time, and that's 11:11am, 'cause if you think of military time, 11:11pm is actually 21:11, amirite?

Then people would make wishes at 22:22 which is 10:22 pm =)

Men with British accents are hott, amirite?

Too bad I live in America

Winter is saddest of all seasons, amirite?

Winter is the best season.

Being able to record your dreams and watch them later would be the coolest thing ever, amirite?

Have you guys seen Osmosis Jones? Well I wish I could be those cells and go inside my head and watch all my dreams.

Anyone who doesn't like the song "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" should NOT like Edward Cullen, amirite?

I don't get this post, what-so-ever.

When a creepy teacher compliments on a piece of clothing you wore that day it makes you not want to wear it ever again, amirite?
Amirite (meaning 'Am I Right?') is your place to share your opinions about life, love, people and anything else you want. People will vote and comment on what you post to let you know if they agree or disagree, amirite?

I just realized that this was the amirite's intro to the site.

I figured out why men can have sex and women cannot or they look like sluts. A man tries so hard to get laid, and so when he does, he's looked upon as an accomplished person. A woman can get laid quite easily, therefore is looked upon as a slut when she does. This is the way society has been taught to live, amirite?
A jog through the park is one of the best ways to alleviate stress, amirite?
its kinda awkward when your watching tv with your family and a Victoria's Secret commercial comes on, amirite?

No. A Viagra commercial.

Men with British accents are hott, amirite?
@Coday women these days are crazy

Nahh, we're normal, it's those men who are the crazy ones.