What's the furthest distance you drove?

Three hours away from home (not sure of the milage)

If it's a good relationship, possibly.

Have you used your pet as a pillow?

The apartment building manager doesn't allow pets (although she has three) GRRR

Around 10 seconds and longer.

I hate it when people say "You look terrible!" when you're sick. Really? I didn't think I looked that bad, I just feel terrible, amirite?
@Coruscates I kind of always thought they meant it as, "You look like you feel terrible." But they probably mean I look bad. :P

I've always thought they meant "You look like you feel terrible"... that's the way I'd mean it; either way, I don't get the comment as an insult.

Do you have an imagination?

Yup, but it's limited.

I'm not a huge fan of the accordion but give this kid a try - his skill is amazing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_QYIuQBhZU

My sister helped to teach me 2 songs on the accordion - that was good enough for me, lol :) For all the keys on the two boards, it's impressive that he hits the right ones each time.

Thank you for taking time with this, and for the video - good of you to post it :D She has better upper arms that I do, lol.

It's easier being rude on the phone than in person.

Mostly I keep my rudeness in check, either way but, yeah, it would be easier.

Are you following the US Football Playoffs?

I'm not at all into competitive sports.