A nice person is someone who just hasn't faced the right tests.

or is someone who's faced those tests and has chosen to be nice, regardless.

Can you come up with two words that sound alike but are spelled differently?

Yes, I can, my Canadian excellence ;Þ two and too (and to and tu, lol)

[hypothetical] I just won on a $5,000 per week scratch-off, and I'd like to share that - which way should I go? [select an option]
@Marianne I would also opt for one or several trustworthy non-profit organisation(s) of your community or region helping...

I've occasionally donated to new groups, the whole time crossing my fingers that they were honest and responsible - discerning that is always the toughest concern, that my donations aren't going to a group that's less than what they portray. Usually, I give to well-known names and smaller local efforts that I can keep better tabs on.

Thanks for contributing to the post, Marianne - your comments are always appreciated :D

Do you ever start writing a response to a post, then realize how personal it is, and delete it?

Yep, a couple times :-\

Another shooting at a school. Will there ever be a way to protect the children?

Firearms are stolen, bought, and found - you know that :) - and if not a firearm then it'd be something else. Anger goes where anger wants and the method won't really matter.

How well-disciplined are you with abstaining from using vulgarities?

Okie dokie :) so out of the above four likely responses, which category would you say you fall into? Any idea?

Private ownership sets boundaries which isn't, most often, a bad thing. What you propose, in that way, is akin to neighbors randomly roosting on my lawn as and when they'd see fit because there is no guarantee of onwership, therefore no protectionthat my lawn would be mine any longer but theirs as well. No offense intended, but your proposition would be as bad an idea in the large scope of things as what we have now.

I was formally counseled by my Manager for eating a carrot at work

I don't get why the manager had a bug up his butt about the deal - any clue why he did?

One way to chat successfully is about getting someone to talk about themselves...soooo...if everyone knows this...why is it still working?

Did you mean why isn't it working?

How well-disciplined are you with abstaining from using vulgarities?
@Piper2 I save what some consider "vulgarities", for when I really mean them. It doesn't take much...

That shows a good amount of reserve, decency, and a tiny tinge of raw emotion - all among some of my favorite combinations ;) Good on you.

Thanks for taking part in addressing the question, I appreciate your efforts :)

Excellent post and smart advice that I'll keep in mind.

Who's Joey, and what was he right about?

How well-disciplined are you with abstaining from using vulgarities?

LOL :P I thought you might come back with something like that lol :D

Are you a hugger? I give lots of hugs, here on Amirite and also in reality. How about you? Give someone a hug today or give a hug to everyone here on Amirite that you are in contact with. Let's make this a "hug" day!

I'm fine with a hug but once it's over with, I like my space of a roomy 3 feet or more.

Ever Had An Ocular Migraine?

No, just the normal variety and then, only once.