Wishing you the best on your birthday, John - you certainly deserve it ;D

Sexual harassment isn't funny, regardless the sex of the victim.

Twice: one was messing around to get my reaction, and the other planned to come visit against my wish and backed out when I told her she'd be meeting a cop.

Wishing you the best on your birthday, beautiful ;·)

Best wishes with your day, Mister Mark ;D

Human Beans of Amirite, and formerly of Sodahead, I would like to reacquaintance myself with all of my fellow lovely nutters and thinkers (or both like me) how are you all? Does anyone remember me from sodahead? If not, hello! I am back and looking forward to engaging in some much missed and enjoyed crazy conversations!

I remember your from sodahead; we've shared some comments on several posts :) Nice to see you, again !!

Should I return to Amirite?

Sure... you'd be a welcome addition :D

I wouldn't give one of these to my child any time soon

I remember an article put out about a doll little girls could "talk to" to share thoughts about whatever girls talk about which could be used to mine personal information coming out of the conversation; I didn't keep the web address or I'd be more specific. Anyway, that too was a potential threat that was on store shelves.

What don't you see anymore?

Public drinking fountains, police patrols on foot, letters written by hand, high-quality man-made goods, U.S. textiles made from the ground up, simple adding and subtracting in one's head.

Looking back on all your employment history, which one type of employment lent you the most satisfaction?

Working in Neonatal Intensive Care.

I can't walk away from any innocent person being threatened or abused - I know what it'd feel like being in that spot... actually I have been.

Going to Church in Chicago........When I heard Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were guest preachers at a nearby church, I decided to go there and check them out in person. As soon as I sat down, Reverend Sharpton came over to me. I don't know why, maybe it was because I was the only white person in the church? He laid his hands on my shoulder and said: "By the will of Jesus the Lord Almighty, and the will of God, you will walk today." I told him I was not paralyzed. Then Jesse Jackson came by and said: "By the Grace of God, and his Son Jesus, the Lord Almighty, you will walk today." Again, I said that there is nothing wrong with me. After the sermon, I stepped outside and lo and behold --- My car was gone!

LOL... Nice one :D

As a kid what was your favourite thing to order from the ice cream truck?

Chocolate covered vanilla on a stick and orange covered vanilla on a stick.

Do off-topic responses to posts you've submitted sometimes bother you, especially when the responses get muchfarther away from the original issue?
@Piper2 Yes....they are sometimes annoying, as is usually the intent.

Thanks for your comment - it's always good to see you on my posts ;)


I've blocked two people several months ago and it'll stay that way - I don't unblock anyone. I'm also fine being blocked - my enjoyment on the site isn't dependent on any one person, nor any one group. Block or unblock no problem.