I am partial to a rotund posterior and I am unable to profess falsities, thoust clansmen may not forsake; that given a wench walks in with a corset on her waist and a round thing in thine face, thou gets sprung, amirite?
Despite the almost three hundred thousand posts on this website, You honestly still have no idea whether or not I'm right, amirite?
@i think this is a good post, but it needs more OUMPF! good job though

(fuck you): LOL true, i read it over like 50 times, its good but i just couldnt think of a way to make it better..

Schools shouldn't teach evolution like it's fact. If they are teaching evolution then they should also teach creationism and intelligent design. That way it's fair. Amirite?
@eldorito Guys: you've wondered before what it would be like to have a vagina, amirite?

mmmmmmmhm, its gotta be so weird having nothing there, like sitting and wearing underwears easier cause you dont have to worry about moving around and people seeing the outline of your dick :s

There's no reason crying over spilt milk. Unless your tears are made of chocolate syrup, in which case you should spill it into another cup, cry over it, then drink it out of there, amirite?
It sucks when your friends do something so bad that you don't know how to make an analogy for it, like, "You can't say fuck Jesus, that's like... well... bad!", amirite?
A hero of war, is that what they see? Just medals and scars, so damn proud of me. But I brought home that flag, now it gathers dust. But it's a flag that I love, and a flag that I trust. amirite?
You know amirite, even though YOU don't care, I'm sure some people would be delighted to hear about what I think of my friend Jim, amirite?
It's getting a little annoying to see the posts that make words out of 'amirite' so do us a favor and scramirite?
You wonder if cowboys just call them hats, amirite?
When looking through a yearbook, first you find yourself, your friends, then the cute guys, amirite?

Same with me, 'cept cute girls lol y smilie

I want to install rear spoilers on my car, but I can't find any bumper stickers that say "Bruce Willis is dead" or "Darth Vader is Luke's father", amirite?
Why is 20 the legal age of consent in Germany? Because neinteen was just too confusing, amirite?
@track_star Good joke ;)

thank you for realizing its a joke and commenting as such :)

Virginity: What women are proud to have and men are ashamed of, amirite?
@Hipster to be honest, judging by the picture of you on your profile, and how you 'scream', you are not in a position to...

Your right, i dont have a really good looking girlfriend. Go on my facebook, lurk my girlfriend. Go ahead, I'll wait

They should put two shower heads in the shower so you don't have to keep turning around, amirite?