Virginity: What women are proud to have and men are ashamed of, amirite?
@Hipster we'll i'm not a facebook stalker, but i'll let you bask in your complacency of having a girlfriend, well done. Now...

That's not relevant, but I'd appreciate it if that last comment was your last, this conversation isn't going anywhere.

It sucks when your friends do something so bad that you don't know how to make an analogy for it, like, "You can't say fuck Jesus, that's like... well... bad!", amirite?
After you get your hair cut, it's hard to tell if you like it or not, until you get home and fix it the way you want. Amirite?
Perfect pick-up line for a girl with OCD: Hey baby, those pants are nice, but they'd look even better folded up neatly in a drawer, amirite?
Naruto > Bleach, amirite?

both=shitty anime

Girls: there is at least one actress or singer whose existence you find personally offensive. amirite?
I just freaking read Maximum Ride, amirite?

Amazing series

You don't wash your feet in the shower because they wash themselves really, amirite?

thank GOD it's not just me

Schools shouldn't teach evolution like it's fact. If they are teaching evolution then they should also teach creationism and intelligent design. That way it's fair. Amirite?
@scrantoncity No, but my money pays for lies to be taught to kids in schools:...

and not one of those "facts" at that site is cited. They're all complete bullshit

It's funny when certain brand names become so popular they're the name of the actual product, like Kleenex or Band-Aids, amirite?
@Adieu Q-tips?

THOSE ARE THE OTHER ONES I WANTED! I forgot when I made the post though :(

There are two theories to arguing with women: Neither one works, amirite?
It's not a coincidence that you can't say happiness without saying penis, amirite?
@AssCakes Oh yes. ;D

and open about it :O your pretty awesome ;D

It sucks when you regret saying something the second it comes out of your mouth, amirite?

Or for some people, the second it comes IN their mouth..

Girls: You wonder how large your penis would be if you were a boy, amirite?

Theres two common tests to see how big like for guys (and girls if they wanna see), one is your thumb times three, which is kind of dumb, and the other is hold out your pointer finger and thumb in an "L" and the dick size is the distance from the tip of your thumb to the finger. For me the second one is exactly right lol

How do people call Batman during the day? If anyone in Gotham had any common sense, they'd rob banks while it's light out, amirite?