About me.

Wow... all I can say was having this account was fun while it lasted. But I've gotten really bored of it lately so don't expect me to make any posts anymore. Don't even bother asking what my real account on this site is because I am not telling and don't tell me to come back, because I will ignore you... and rape you :).
Hey, if someboy cares enough to read this crap, my name is Pedophile Ursus arctos III. But I am usually called by my nickname, Pedobear.

I am 48 years old, and I actually am in a movie called "Doubt" here's the trailer: http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1912846 uhh yeah that's it. Chris Hansen is my mortal enemy... and so is John Walsh.

By the way, Chris Hansen DID catch me ONE time, But I got away, like the true professional I am! This is the reenactment sponsored by Nike and Me playing as myself

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Chris_Hansen vs. Pedo_Bear war is OVER! Chris hasn't made a post in over a month so he obviously ran away like the little bitch he was. He sure was a worthy foe and we had a good long fight, but enough of this gay memorial crap. LETS ALL HAVE AN ORGY! ANYBODY UNDER 18 IS INVITED!!!
Chris Hansen
7/23/10 - 9/6/10

I'm awesome, wanna know why? Because Morgan Freeman said so.

Here is some Q & A for you guys before you ask me any other questions, look at this.

Q: Who are you, and what do you do?

A: I am Pedo_Bear, a bear with internet access here to ruin you or your child's hopes and dreams by raping them. Sure I may look innocent but that's how I get you. I own the ice cream truck business and I am Santa Clause so your entire life has been a lie. It is really me that gives the kids presents and the ice cream man is just a pedophile who wants a piece of ass, not a friendly stranger.

In short, I am just another freak, in the freak kingdom. ;)

Q: I'm (age)! Is that too old?

A: I like any kids under 18.


A: That isn't a question but I will answer it. This account is a joke, I am not actually a pedophile in real life and I am not here to act as annoying as possible. If you don't like what I say, don't tell me that you don't like it or threaten me, if you still have a problem with it, too bad.

Q: You are Chris_Hansen too and you just argue with yourself online, right?

A: No I am not. I don't know who would even do that just to get some cheap laughs, that is stupid. Besides, Chris Hansen is my mortal enemy.

Q: Hey... you there... I remember you! I saw you at Chucky Cheese hanging out with my friends, then you came to talk to me! Well I don't remember what happened after I said hi to you, but I woke up in some bed at a Holiday Inn. What happened?

A: Oh... Uh... well you see... Oh wow look at the time! I gotta get to my flight to another country! Tell your future child that daddy says hi!