There's at least one amirite user that you have a huge internet crush on, amirite?

Guessing all these anons are stealthapple...

It's very misleading when someone's stage name sounds like it would be their real name, but it isn't. (i.e. Sean Kingston, Nicki Minaj, Jay Sean etc.) amirite?

I wa surprised when I found out Katy perry's last name was hudson

Repeating the chorus 3 times in a song is enough, amirite?

I love rock n roll, the ending when they just kept repeating the chorus Ruined the song

Did you hear about the guy who cooled himself to absolute zero? He's 0K now, amirite?
@Saigot cool story bromine.

Did you hear about the guy who burned the left side of their body? He's all right now

Mom says no cake for breakfast but then serves dense cake covered in liquid sugar, also known as pancakes, amirite?

"now son, you are not going to have cake for breakfast. You are going to have fried cake with syrup!"

Asshats. Never heard that one before.

Unicorns are real. They're like thestral's but for the gay community. And we won't let you pet one until we can get married, amirite?
@Lamb_of_God If I was the president, we would all be petting unicorns like yesterday.

And if vermin supreme was president, we would all be petting our government issues ponies!

I don't mean to be gross, but the only time it's good to yell "I have diarrhea" is when you're playing Scrabble because it's worth a shitload of points, amirite?
@Courage_Wolf I've heard this before, who's is it?

It is from Zachary galifinakis' Saturday night live monologue

You defy at least one stereotype, amirite?
You defy at least one stereotype, amirite?

I'm American and I am underweight, also have Irish heritage an don't drink beer

A little drop of Totinos pizza roll cheese dripped on my thigh two Saturday's ago, and the burn still hasn't healed. WTF. That's what i get for being such a fatty, amirite?

How the fuck did this make the home page?

The universal world language should be sign language. You don't have to worry about accents, it's a language without an associated ethnicity, it's easy to pick up the signs, and the signs make sense. Amirite?
One should never assume that a clear liquid is water and proceed to drink it. amirite?

Especially in a chemistry lab

If eating meat is wrong because the animal was murdered, it should be ok to eat a hamburger made from a cow who died of natural causes, amirite?

Actually that would be extremely unsanitary, I personally do not see anything wrong with it. It's not like humans are the only animal that kills other animals

It is wrong that a 14 year old at my school is getting breast implants, amirite?

haha its all good guys, the surgeon refused to perform it because she was underaged, which is a relief because it would be pretty disgusting IMHO