About me.

Hello, If you bother to read this, here's a little about me

-i own 4 parrots. 2 of them are budgies (a.k.a parakeets), an african grey, green cheek conure.
My African grey does talk, she says
princess (her name)
shut up (she says that when the other birds scream)
see ya later (she says that when I'm leaving the house)
i'll be back
come in (she says that when someone knocks)
Whatcha doin'
Where's mommy, go get her
and many more phrases

My green cheek says
Emma! (my name)
Mickey (his name)
I love you!

other random facts about me:

-I'm from Pennsylvania
-My name is Emma
-I'm closely related to the MTV star Bam Margera. You might know him from jackass or viva la bam. He is my 3rd cousin. I've met him several times and I was actually in the background of one of his shows on viva la bam when I was really little. The episode was called "Bam on the River" and I was in the background towards the end of it, so if you see that episode, at the end of the show when Bam and Vito are arguing, look into the background and you'll see a little girl and two older boys who are my brothers. I've never been to Bam's house, but I've been to April and Phil's house and I got to swim in their pool.
-When I grow up I either want to be an avian vet or an evolutionary biologist
-My favorite video game is assassin's creed brotherhood
-I'm an atheist
-My birthday is in April. April 29th to be exact.
-My favorite sport is volleyball
-I listen to Eminem; he is my favorite rapper
-I also really like the band Foster the People
-The users Budgerigar42 and Horselover127 are my friends in real life
-I am a liberal
-I am half German and half Italian.
-Pro-gay marriage
-I troll a lot on here. About 70% of my anonymous posts are trolls

This is my most successful troll post

These are also successful troll posts of mine

so far these are all the emoticons I know: ono smilie lolwut smilie smirk smilie hello smilie h smilie l smilie n smilie y smilie wary smilie hehe smilie goo smilie yum smilie angry smilie no smilie smile smilie d smilie un smilie hmm smilie frown smilie love smilie (cry2) puke smilie creeper smilie diamond smilie troll smilie lhat smilie dhat smilie wink smilie

if you want to know more about me, just ask

*My username used to be Parrotgirl, but I decided to change it to Peppergirl14 because that's my username for everything else.