About me.

I\'m a dinosaur, nuff said.

  • I'm from the not so sunny England.
  • I'm 16 (million years) old.
  • If you don't write on my wall, I will eat you, I'm super cereal.

Gatess747 is my physcodelic best friend who I plan to eat (don't tell her though)

Given the choice;

  • I choose Firefox
  • I choose Atheism
  • I choose Heavy Rock
  • I choose Marilyn Manson
  • I choose TES: Oblivion
  • I don't choose pikachu.

"We have no purpose other than to be the purpose" - Me

\"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ\" - Mohandas Gandhi.

\"Jesus died to save us\" they say, while this may, or may not be true, that is irrelevant. You see, Jesus\' mission to \'save us\' has backfired, Christianity has killed millions and halted the progression of science for many a years. Jesus must be turning in his grave, shame on you, murderous bastards.

In the end, he has indirectly killed millions of people and halted the progression of mankind.

How ironic.