god is real if someone come from the futer,god is not real if no one comes from the futer and we made the time macne also we were first than the futer, amirite?
every sport is better with a good benches clearing brawl once in a while, amirite?

Especially chess. Dirty fighters, they are.

The media is going to ruin zombies for us like it did with vampires. amirite?

The media didn't ruin vampires. Stupid young teens and a woman who writes down her wet dreams did.

Laptops freak you out. Like, where's the wire to the Internet? What is this witchcraft, amirite?

No wire goes in, internet comes out. You can't explain that!

At some point in your life you had a crush on someone who was totally out of your league, amirite?

Alan Ritchson, Michael Trevino, Steven R Mcqueen, Orlando Bloom, so on and so forth...

Fur is murder, amirite?

Will nobody think of the plants? Salad is murder!

If you think that vampires are beautiful creatures, you've obviously never watched an episode of Buffy. amirite?
Girls: right now your weight-loss diet consists of Diet Coke, cigarettes, green tea, and the occasional egg white, amirite?

I'm currently having tikka massala chicken with rice and a woodchuck. And maybe I'll have pumpkin pie later...

When ever you hear there is going to be a new kid you always hope he's hot, amirite?

So how did Potter stack up to your standards?

Some people's voices are just so calming you want to fall asleep when they talk, amirite?

Morgan Freeman

"Would you rather live a monster, or die a hero?" This quote really screwed up the ending of Shutter Island. Was he crazy, or did he was he faking it, amirite?

I thought the quote was a perfect ending. It'd be easier to live the rest of his life a brainless zombie than to keep having relapses into the false reality he created, and then have those shatter into the truth of his life. He took the easy path out, pretty much.

It's hard to read a book when the main character is a judgmental hypocrite, amirite?

@678131: Depends on the writer, really. I think a story written from the perspective of a hypocritical mind is highly intriguing.

(my phone won't let me reply to people)

Attractive guys are lucky, they look great naturally while attractive girls usually wear makeup to look good, amirite?

Plus, it's not like makeup is supposed to make you look good. It's there to enhance natural beauty. Some people take it just a bit too far.

Girls; We want sex just as badly as guys do, but the thought of being labeled a slut holds us back the most. amirite?

Why do you think there's such a huge market for toys for women?

Assuming the theory that when we die we come back as another human being is correct, we must have, at some point, ran out of souls because our population is constantly growing. Which would explain the massive amount of stupid, unimaginative, decorous and soul-lacking people walking around. amirite?

Or why there is so much tragedy and death in the world...I think souls chill out wherever until they're ready to come back.