Spaghetti is the white shirt's worst nightmare, amirite?

More like the spaghetti sauce

You have eaten a peanut butter and nutella sandwich amirite?

YUM! My 2 favorite types of sandwiches: peanut butter and nutella.and when you eat them together, they taste like pb in one bite, but like nutella in the other..2 in 1 and the perfect combination! :p :D

A lot of you here are going to be up at midnight on July 15th, amirite?
In 70 years you'll hear old men telling their grandkids "Y'know, I pwnd many noobs in my day." and "What ever happened to screamo bands? That was real music.", amirite?

Our grandkids in 70 years will think we're crazy when we mention Cee-lo Green, Lupe Fiasco, Katy Perry, or Eminem,. They'll KNOW we've gone crazy when we talk about Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber.

Regardless of the season, sometimes you just need a hot drink, amirite?

For me, I always need something cold...

A lot of you here are going to be up at midnight on July 15th, amirite?

I really want to see it, but you've gotta admit it-the books are way better than the movies

like childbirth, for example.

Someone should tell alien movie makers that they can't just blow up Earth and wipe out the human race whenever they want to ;) amirite?
@Lanz Why the fuck is there a winky face here?

cuz it was just a joke because in alien movies they always try to blow the earth up

It'd be awesome if a mosquito landed on your bicep and you flexed, and then it exploded because of its venom and your blood being forced back into it, amirite?
You love it when people fall for your cheesy "Knock, knock" jokes. amirite?
You miss being able to slam your phone shut after an angry phone call. Violently tapping the "End Call" button just doesn't cut it, amirite?

Well this is the first time I've felt happy about my keyboardless flip phone

summer is p e r f e c t, well except for the sunburns, amirite?

and the bugs

You feel pretty smart when your teaches the class something that you already know, amirite?

Oops I forgot to put teacher in there


I was being sarcastic.

It sucks being stupid, amirite?
@DerpyHooves Haha a cat, and my picture is a cat. COINCIDENCE...I think NOT!

isn't that a quote from a movie? (Coincidence..I think NOT)?