How to cure hunger in Africa: A kind of underground chute that we throw our veggies in. Yucky Veggie go in chute --> Veggie appear in Africa. YAY. amirite?
@Magestic_merman Its fine. You might have just solved the cure for hunger...

Haha thanks again. I doubt it, it'll be hilarious though if this actually happens one day. I call thinking of this =). Jk

They misread the Mayan calendar by 50-100 years! Look it up, its for real. Haha I proved u wrong peoples that believed in it. amirite?

This is for real! I saw a couple articles about it. Phew this is relieving...

look!!! theres a parking spot, oh and ANOTHER!! oh, then THAT one in the FRONT, but no, WE have to park the FARTHEST away from the store...... yes, cuz that makes SO much more sense..... amirite?

MY parents always did that. LOL. But every asked them y they did. They'd just say theres shade over there.

Making a homemade facial mask/lotion/cleanser sounds fun until you realize theres a crapload of unattainable pricey ingredients that you have to buy to make it. Like...1 ounce of flying unicorn milk. amirite?
@Mmhmmm There are tons of recipes with simple ingredients such as eggs, flour, honey, and salt. Google, it's quite amazing.

Yes, that is true. But the really effective sounding facial masks contain things like seaweed and vodka.

You've thought at least once about what you would do or miss out on if 2012 actually was the end of the world. amirite?

I did...but I have good news for you! According to many articles that I have read, the people that read the Mayan calendar read the end of the world "2012" wrong!! Turns out that it was something long after 2012, and besides I doubt it'll end on that day either.

It's annoying and kind of depressing when 2 people that you are/were really close with suddenly become best friends and you're left in the cold. amirite?

That happened to me b4. And yes it did suck

Sometimes on Facebook, you see a post and want to "like" it but then realize you don't know them well enough so you decide not to, amirite?

I still like the posts :). But I have a feeling people are thinking "WHO the heck is that?"

God doesn't hate the gays, or the soldiers. God hates you Westboro Church. amirite?
@Soren Just a question--does it really say in the bible that God cannot feel hate? Just wondering.

Okay..yeah. But after watching this documentary about this church, I was sort of pissed. But yeah it does.

It would've been better if they kept Osama Bin Laden alive for questioning, amirite?
"hmm i should really clean my room.....omg i forgot i had this!!" 4 hours later "hmm i should really clean my room", amirite?

hehe yes. Procrastinating. I do that alot..but with tests.

It would be cool if you could send people battery power via text message, so their phone wouldn't die. amirite?

Dude that invention could save lives if u think about it, brilliant idea!!

Can switching to Geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? You just heard that guys voice aloud in your head when you read this, amirite?

@C@1150790 (Credetemi):
Oh my gosh I swear I didn't know that!
I was on this cool website (
And there was a picture that said that and I was like thats an awesome idea.
So I sort of did make this not original...but I didn't know that it was on here. One day all the posts are going to be unoriginal judging by the growth of this site.

I like to do this in the morning and at night. Sometimes up and down, sometimes side to side, and sometimes I like to go in slow circles to get a better result. I'm brushing my teeth. amirite?
@HAHAHA go fuck yourself. Not funny at all stupid whore

Its not intended to be funny. You tard. ITs meant to be like a riddle sorta.

Guys: Girls should only have hair on their head, amirite?

I wonder how it would look if all girls had no eyebrows and no eyelashes? Now that'll be a good way to get a guy right? Too look like scary Alien lady right??? Yeaaah thats what I thought. Hair is a needed thing in areas other than the head.

Girls: you find it really hot when a guy hasn't showered in weeks, amirite?

Yeah ur so not trolling all right