I can celebrate Christmas even though I am not a Christian, amirite?
Finding a needle in a haystack is a lot harder if you're a Mormon, amirite?

Because they can't use magnets?

When thinking back, you can remember the best compliment someone ever gave you, amirite?

"Hey! You don't smell so horribly awful today!"

Their stupid arms get in the way.

Pikachu is like the face of Pokemon, yet it's rarely ever seen anymore, considering there're over 5,000 of them now. amirite?

I love how all of the comments up to this point are very negative.

Fun fact: Clefairy would've been the face of Pokemon if Pikachu wasn't.

It frustrates you when you're driving on the highway and you see those billboards that say "prty plz dnt txt n drv!!!" and you almost crash into the car in front of you while you're trying to figure out what the hell it says. amirite?

I think it's telling you to party instead of texting while driving.

Convenience charge? More like a convenient way to rip us off, amirite?

I was at an amusement park in the middle of Summer, and in the middle of a VERY long line, there was a vending machine selling water for $4 for half of a liter. :I I'll just die thirsty and $4 richer...

Coolest thing about Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house: No dishes, and no unwanted leftovers, amirite?

Despite me having no friends. :I

It would be wild if this got POTD.

"From my big beautiful warlock brain, welcome to 'Sheen's Corner' ... You're either in my corner, or you're with the trolls."

Wise words.

When putting up lost posters for your twin, people must give you strange looks, amirite?

R-r-r-rock me Amadeus!

When someone actually says "hilare", "ador", or "gorge", you just want to hit them with a club, amirite?
Those clearence things you have to type in before you make a post are just awkward, amirite?

"Every dog has his day"

You prefer when people don't use abbreviations like lol and wtf in posts. amirite?

Including this one? Hahah, jk. SeewhatIdidthere?

There are probably a few amish people who secretely sneak around an iPod or laptop, amirite?

I can see the Amish having secret radios.