A sunburn is a small price to pay for an amazing day in the sun, amirite?

Skin cancer and premature wrinkles aren't.

Somehow bottled water always tastes better than tap, amirite?

It's the opposite for me, I LOVE tap water, and I strongly dislike bottled spring water.

You can get a free iPhone from <a href="http://freebejeebies.co.uk" target="_blank"><u>freebejeebies.co.uk</u></a>, amirite?

Must....find....way...to "No Way"....

Even ppl who hate rap music, love Eminem amirite?

Listening to Eminem right now, :D

Sorry lady, this isn't the "going out to dinner" look. Its the gym, so please, please dont wear make-up or at least not that much, amirite?

Oh please, does a woman wearing makeup ruin your workout at the gym?

People on here say how judgemental Christians are. I do see that, but the atheist or whatever you want to call those people are WAY more judgemental. Just saying. Read some of the comments on a religious post. amirite?
Brilliant idea: the 3D glasses for Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows should look like Harry's glasses, amirite?
@I had to burst your bubble, but 3D movies work because of the combination of the red and green lenses with the...

Well, they could just change the shape...they changed them before so they looked like Ray Bans.

TLC only has 6 different concepts for shows: Dwarfs, spoiled pageant brats, food, fat people, people with waaaaay too many kids, women giving birth, and weddings. amirite?

Umm....It's seven things.

Started a new book today. First line, "The early summer sky was the color of cat vomit". Oh yeah, this is going to be a great book. amirite?
Popcorn flavored jelly beans are gross, amirite?

The popcorn flavour is actually my favourite. And the Dr. Pepper ones :)

The people who don't have a facebook are almost always really awesome people, amirite?
The people who don't have a facebook are almost always really awesome people, amirite?
@I wish I never made a facebook from the start, then it wouldn't be so difficult to delete it FOREVER. :/

Ahaha same. When I was deactivating mine it was saying, "WHY ARE LEAVING US? WHY?!!?" "ARE YOU POSITIVE ABOUT THIS" "Bob, Steve and Sassefrass will miss you!!"
Ayyaiyai. ^That was an exaggeration, but you get my point.
I could still log in and it would all be there still. Sigh.

lol@ Americans who try to look smart/sophisticated by using British spellings (favourite, colour, theatre) amirite?

Us Canadians usually use that form of spelling as well...

It's creepy to think about the fact that when preteen girls like boys their own age, it makes them sort of pedophiles because they've already hit puberty and the boys haven't, amirite?

Like PurpleKneeSox pointed out, it does not matter how mature the person is, but the age.

When you were little you were afraid that the ceiling fan would chop your head/arm off, amirite?

Dude I still am scared. xP