You have a preferred method of death. Amirite?
@Joe_Larson Hanging is supposed to be one of the least painful ways to die. Especially if they drop-hang you, so your...

But I woul hate to be the person who finds the body just hanging there. Yeah the handcuff sounds quite good with how you won't be able to fight temptations.

Personally I don't think any form of suicide is cowardly, many people disagree with me on this. But the fact that they just can't go on with their life and they've already tried fighting as much as they could, it's not cowardly. It's their life and they deserve peace.

There's nothing better and legal than a runners high. Amirite?

I am actually, waiting till I'm 16 just for the sake of it

Everyone should really stop talking about how it's pathetic that 12 year olds are obsessed with Justin Bieber and Hannah Montana. Anyone remember Hillary Duff or the Backstreet Boys? All 12 year olds have bad taste in music, amirite?
You have a preferred method of death. Amirite?
@Catbaaned Suicide

Yeah. But which method? I would hate to hang myself. I'd rather jump of a tall building

You wish "The Secret Circle" had not been cancelled, amirite?

What?! It's been cancelled? Source please?

You have a preferred method of death. Amirite?

That wouldn't work because your body weight would pull your hands off with your arms. I still preferr jumping

You wish "The Secret Circle" had not been cancelled, amirite?

Ffs, why do all the good shows have to get cancelled? I'll read the books now though:)

We should find out if we have Amirite? neighbors. Comment with a state. Comments on comments will be cities/towns. Subsequent comments will be districts, streets, etc. amirite?

Kent, England

You have that one thing you want to do in life that's really simple but you're just to lazy to do it. Amirite?

Reading the entire Harry potter collection?

It's extremely hard to tell of the grass hopper is in your room or outside. Amirite?

Oh yeah

It's hard to describe what love is, especially to someone who's never been in love. Amirite?

Yeah but it's not the same. an explanation of love will never be The same as the experience.

You feel a bit lost when you're favourite show gets cancelled. Amirite?
@Ok, I'm not usually the grammar nazi, but seriously...."you're"? Really?

I didn't actually realise I made that mistake till now -.- obviously it wasn't on purpose 😓

If you're dating someone over the Internet that you've never met, it isn't a real relationship. Amirite?
You have a preferred method of death. Amirite?
@Joe_Larson except it's not only their life; they leave other behind to suffer for them

Yes, I know that. That's why many people who are sucidal hold on for longer. But in the end if it gets to much for you and you're sticking it out for someone else and you're not happy with your life or what you've become, it's not cowardly. They've already though of what's going to happen when they do it, it's just not out of the blue. It's not an easy discision. ( sorry I just have a strong view on suicide)

You have a preferred method of death. Amirite?
@Joe_Larson I see suicide as unfortunate, but I don't blame the victims. They are victims of their own hopelessness, but I...

It's not their fault they lose hope. They could have a family that is very abusive or just never brought hope to their child. It's more about happiness and self esteem. Yes of course there's hope for everyone. But sometimes it's not as easy as you think, it's not suppose to be easy I know. But I do agree it is an unfortunate circumstance.