Your patriotism to the world should come before your patriotism to any single country
@fuzala I know right? I was hoping for a long, interesting debate

Interesting debate with 15 yya and 3 no ways...and for some reason 7X comments...

Is it okay to work for a company if you disagree with the way it treats employees and tries to trick customers with it's coupons?

Hey someone has to pay the bills

When you're really cold, you like to bundle up, amirite?

sucks some of the black words got blended.

Pipe Rigate pasta is basically macaroni pinched at one end so the noodle holds more sauce. GENIUS. It's surprising this isn't more popular amirite?

I haven't had this kind of pasta in YEARS...they are pretty rare...

You wish your food was this adorable... But then you would probably starve because you wouldn't have the heart to eat it, amirite?

makes me want a taco....

The clothes and hairstyles on "The Sims" are really ugly..amirite?

guys she said "the sims" as in the first sims...they are fking ugly!thank god they improved a whole lot on the second one and third one =)

It's really stupid that on Man v. Food the people sit there and cheer for an hour while he eats disgusting food that's going to give him diabetes, amirite?

The food is not disgusting..watching him is disgusting.

and yet i wish they would all just gtfo my way =(

Tramp stamp, amirite?

You are doing it right.

3 facts about life: 1.the average human being cannot stick their tounge out while looking up at the ceiling 2. you just did question 1 3. you are now smiling amirite?

Well i finished reading this before i was about to attempt it..

One morning, you reach for milk from the fridge, your in a rush for school and gulp the glass down. A second later, you discover that it expired a few months ago. You throw it away, but still can taste it on your tounge.amirite?

Dafuq did i just read?

Jellyfish are amazing creatures to watch, but getting stung by one makes you rue their existence, amirite?

I hear they are quite delicious

There are some commercials on tv where you just want to rip off your arm just so you can have something to throw at the tv, amirite?

Head on

You know that bananas contain potassium because of Honey I Shrunk the Kids, amirite?

That's where I learned it from at first

"If you don't love the American flag, you can kiss my country ass," amirite?

This person does not represent all of america..just saying