would you rather be able to shapeshift or teleport?

I guess that, if I can shapeshift into some form that can fly really fast to anywhere, I wouldn't even need teleporting powers.

Granted, maybe just teleporting would be more convenient and less daunting than having to go through the trouble of shapeshifting into the correct form... but the possibilities are too tempting.

If I wanted to go from point A to point B, maybe I could shapeshift into a really long thing with ends on both points, then shapeshift again but removing all the excess and remaining only on point B. That could be one way of implementing teleporting in terms of shapeshifting. Mmmmmm.

I mean, think about it. Basically I'd be able to manipulate anyone by becoming whatever they want to see, and commit any crime without ever getting caught. Bwahaha... Just kidding... or am I?...

I saw that post that mentioned a protest, but I had no idea what it was about. I also didn't know you had gone (I was a bit away for the last few days, busy). Glad you are back. Also I didn't know Rooster and AliceD had become moderators. I think it was a great choice. Good luck to them. :)

If CSI-like shows are to be believed, I now have all the material I need to reconstruct what you all look like now. :P

22 out of 35.

Wow, my luck is high today. I actually had to guess all of them. :P

Do you ever start writing a response to a post, then realize how personal it is, and delete it?

This happens occasionally: I write something, then realize that I don't really feel in the mood to share it, so I give up.

For whatever reason that word made me think of Rumpelstiltskin.

Anyway, no, no idea.

Amirite was born on Brianl's birthday. Happy birthday Brianl.

Happy birthday, Brian!

"Ebb and flow". I don't think I've ever seen "ebb" being used alone.

If you were skydiving, what would you scream as you jumped out of the plane?

I don't know, maybe I'd just say "Okie dokie, here we go...", and then wait patiently for gravity to do its stuff.

Image in content
Image in content

I often have dreams about everyday life and things that I'm waiting to happen. Most of the time, reality turns out very differently.

In any case, I personally don't believe that dreams are capable of foretelling the future.

Wow, I don't know what to say. :(
Well, Long Live the King!
I'm really hoping all goes well.

Post a "memory" song.

"The Way We Were"!!

YouTube video thumbnail

What do you do,on average,once a week?

Eat pizza for dinner. :P

What's the last song that got pop up in your head?

lol @ the picture. :P

That definitely happens to me; I just can't remember the last time.

It sometimes happens while I'm trying to sleep, and sometimes I need to try to brush it off (or try to mentally overpower it with some other song) in order to be able to sleep. :P

Although I can't remember the last time, I remember this happening with this song (among others) when I was younger:

YouTube video thumbnail

It played in the final episode of a sitcom that I used to watch. At the time, I didn't understand a word it said, but I really liked the melody and it got stuck in my head very often.

And also - what fuzala said.

I hate fanaticism.

I hate fanaticism too.

Nope, I haven't had the "pleasure" of meeting any fanatic in real life. At least not as far as I know (or remember). The people I interact with on a daily basis in real life seem all reasonable.

But yeah, when people are fanatic, it seems really easy for them to create an emotional distance from the "others" and treat them like subhuman trash. They usually want to believe that there is a problem X in the world and an extreme solution Y which will solve everything. The alleged problem and the solution are usually pretty misguided (based on flawed logic), and more often than not involve violence. And it can become really hard, if not impossible, to convince a fanatic out of it.

This makes me think of people who want to bring back Millitary Dictatorship in Brazil.

I agree - it's just poisonous to a society.