Being dumped over facebook/msn/the internet or through a text is just immature and disrespectful. Seriously, grow some balls and say it to my face! amirite?

Lifes a bitch. I just try to get over it and move on with my life.

Some Amirite post makes you smile, others make you laugh, and a lot make you really think, amirite?

yeah sorry.lol

I wish you were my teeth so I can grind you in my sleep ;) amirite?

I like this its pretty sweet.[:

Dogs have beards all over, amirite?

the devil wears prada....band...is fucking awesome! =]

Having sex with an emo person is just fucking sad, amirite?

there is nothing wrong with emo people!

There's certain people in your town or neighborhood that get certain titles based on what they're obsessed with. Like "Teddy-bear lady" or "Micky Mouse Guy", amirite?

We dont really do that we just makefun of what people look like. We have this one girl who looks like a rat and we call her rat face.[:

just once you want to see a waiter drop your dishes when he carries your plates. amirite?

Not my food. I would wanna see someone else food dropped.

There are those interesting and challenging people to whom you can ask anything, but they will always just say what they want at the pace they want. It's like boxing a glacier. Enjoy that metaphor, by the way, because your grandchildren will have no idea what a glacier is, amirite?

actually thats a simile. :)

My boyfriend has a 6 inch penis...so thats good, right??

Having sex with an emo person is just fucking sad, amirite?

um no they have issues but it doesnt mean to hate em. apperenty to people im emo and its annoying to hear the shit about emos people. just cuz they cut themselves doesnt mean more people gotta hate on em, it just makes ot worse!