About me.

Hia All People Of Planet Earth Who Are Reading This O_O
To start off this "About You" piece my name is Gabe (Remember it and remember it good ^^)

I am currently A Sophomore in High School ~Class Of 2014~ studying in the Graphic Design course looking forward to doing something as a job that has something to do with Graphic Design . Well for sports i do Gymnastics, my events consist of Floor, Rings, And Parallel Bars. I am a High Honor student but not to much of a try hard :D.

Now for my "What i do in my free time Paragraph"
Well In my free time i usually go out side, or hang with my friends, But to get a little more in depth about what i do i really love Snowboarding, Rollerblading, And Trampolines ( CAUSE I DO FLIPS AND SHIT )

My Likes: People, Meeting People, Conversing With People, Dogs, Food, Activeness, Movies, Building, Designing, Amirite, Online Games, Xbox 360, Youtube, Music, Ect...

My Dislikes: Snobby People, People Who Like To Fight, People Who Think There Right All The Time, Soda, Drama, White Noise, Escargot, Documentaries, War (No im not a hippie)

Contact Info:
Hotmail: Skymuniz@hotmail.com
Xbox Gamertag: Dentophobia
Phone Number: 1-800-STALKER