Even though Spiderman wasn't officially an Avenger, he should still be in next Avengers movie. Amirite?
@KickAss He was an official Avenger... so was Wolverine and Beast was in Secret Avengers.... The superheroes are owned by...

Oh, really? I'd always thought that Spiderman wasn't an official Avenger but he still worked with them at times. Or something like that.

It shocks you how much racism there is about Rue, Thresh, and Cinna in the Hunger Game movie, amirite?
You didn't know that the "con" in con artist is short for "confidence,", amirite?

I thought it had to do with CONniving or something like that

It's always awkward when little kids ask what tampons are or where babies come from, amirite?

When I was like 6 I asked my mom what tampons were and she told me, but since I didn't really know what menstrual cycle meant I was still pretty confused.

you own at least one parrot or bird, amirite?
Every one has that one person in a book who they want to bitch slap, amirite?

William of Hamleigh from Pillars of the Earth. I literally had to put the book down and take deep breaths at times.

you have a love for at least one typically hated smells (sharpies, car exhaust, nail polish remover, etc) amirite?

What's Blue Dream?

If you can't already, you wish you could juggle, amirite?

I can juggle scarves but nothing else.

Before you name your child, you're going to make sure it doesn't rhyme with something inappropriate, so they can't be made fun of, amirite?
@Hairyleo Dolores

Umbridge. Bad enough insult right there.

The world would be a very different place if refrigerator was an adjective, amirite?

What the refrigerating refrigerator are you doing?!

No matter how innocent and cute they are, when slowed down some nursery rymes and christmas songs are undeniably creepy. amirite?
@O____o A recent or an older one? (The recent one was with the Pegg Dolls was Night Terrors, which I didn't think were too...

Yeah, it was Night Terrors. And it was probably made a bit creepier by the fact that I watched it at a sleepover and kept singing it in total blackness, giving myself and all my friends nightmares.

When you were younger and playing Mario Kart, you used to say 'Grand Prix' not 'Grand Pree'. amirite?

I always said 'pree'. All my friends would be like 'No stupid, it's prix, don't you see the x?' I have no idea to this day how I knew the correct pronunciation. Must be that Irish intuition.

No matter how innocent and cute they are, when slowed down some nursery rymes and christmas songs are undeniably creepy. amirite?

Like in that one episode of Doctor Who with those creepy ass doll things...
'One...two...buckle my shoe. Three...four...shut. The. Door.'

Kissing looks most awkward when you don't use your hands. amirite?
It's weird when you're looking at something that has a lot of writing, and you briefly see a word that sticks out to you, but then you can't find where you saw it. Then you're left wondering if you even really saw the word, or if you just thought you did. amirite?

I usually glare at the paragraph until I figure out where I saw it. Sometimes it turns out that my brain has combined two words.