ANYTHING is cute as a baby. Even Hiter, amirite?
@death_or_glory disagree newborn rabbits

Reminds me of something I saw on pinterest the other day, originally from 9GAG


20 years from now it's not gonna matter which one of us wore those skinny jeans, its not gonna matter which one of us had the best hair, its not gonna matter which one of us had the cuter boyfriend, what's gonna matter is what we learned in this life and how we used it, amirite?

One of my teachers has a poster in their classroom that says this.

And with that, Harry Potter has come to an end. Until Disney obtains the rights to his name! Then, we can all look forward to Harry Potter: The Animated Series, starting this fall! It's about Harry Potter and his friends as they deal with everyday school-related problems, and Harry learning that using magic isn't always the answer, amirite?

I'm waiting for them to make movies about Harry and Ginny's and Ron and Hermione's kids, even though JK Rowling said there won't be any books about them. At which point, I will punch someone in the face for ruining the whole HP series by trying to continue it.

Some of your friends are still technologically impaired, amirite?

I was using a program at school and the girl next to me asked me to help her turn in her project. I told her to click File>Save and she looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language ono smilie

Work out and be hot now, when you're young, when it matters, and when you're old and wrinkly and don't give a fuck anymore, you're going to stuff your face, amirite?

I'm not going to stuff my face because I don't want to be at risk for diabetes.

Trying to turn a metal door knob when your hands are wet is like trying to catch smoke, amirite?

Or worse, when your hands are covered in lotion...

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those of us who've found at least one cartoon character attractive, and liars. amirite?


Good lord he was attractive.

If you say the word 'climax' to a room full of middle schoolers, it's not going to end well. amirite?
@Shun Our literature class was discussing plot, and every time the teacher said climax, kids chuckled.

My teacher when talking about Sense and Sensibility: "So then we can all agree that Marianne's climax was when..." stops talking. Strange face
Us: silence
Him: "Well that didn't come out right at all..."
Us: bursting into fits of laughter

If you had to choose between a Romeo and Juliet family, you would choose the Montegues, amirite?
@what is this

A "modern" version of Romeo and Juliet, with DiCaprio.


It's interesting how differently a crime is treated, depending on the show. Criminals Minds:"Oh no. This is horrible. Has anyone told the parents? What about the kids? Don't worry, we're gonna catch this monster, and make him pay, for what he did." Psych: "Oh look another dead body. Say, it kinda looks like a burrito when it's rolled up like that. Now I'm hungry. Gus, wanna go for lunch?"amirite?

Oh how I love Psych...

The only reason people should break up is because they stop loving each other. Nothing else should matter, amirite?

But then technically the gay one wouldn't love their straight partner anymore. Or the straight one wouldn't love their gay partner anymore.

Generally speaking, the parents of kids named Aaron are lazy. Aaron is the first name in the baby book. amirite?
You hate when you're washing your face and water runs down your forearm, amirite?

Pet peeve! Then when I rinse my face, no matter how hard I try to be careful, I get water all over the area around the sink.

Just because I'm a 2000s kid doesn't mean I type "liek diz", don't know good music, or good cartoons (Rugrats, etc.). It's not fair that all 2000s kids are grouped together by 90s kids. amirite?
@MrsHoldenCaulfield ummm yeah.

I don't know it just seems a bit extreme. It sucks that you went through all that when you're barely a teenager.

Fred used to be funny, but is just obnoxious now, amirite?
@lilsushigirl I used to watch Fred when he was on JKLProductions... when Lucas made a channel just for Fred it went downhill.

Yeah I used to watch him on that channel too. When it was the three of them and Lucas posted a few Fred videos on that channel. I just think it's so weird that he's so famous now, when I knew him as just a little kid making videos for youtube with his cousins.