Actual status from a 10 year old on my Facebook newsfeed: "Im sick of the single life." Yeah um.... amirite?

Maybe The Single Life is the name of some new show

djajipeieywbhdlabdajbcflakfjlaurihyreqe... EEEH MACARENA!!! amirite?
@incognito It's: Dale a tu cuerpo alegría macarena, que tu cuerpo es para darle alegría y cosa buena. Dale a tu cuerpo...

My friend says:
1 maca 2maca 3 macarena
4maca 5 maca 6 macarena
7 maca 8 maca 9 macarena
EHHH macarena

Actual status from a 10 year old on my Facebook newsfeed: "Im sick of the single life." Yeah um.... amirite?
Adding 'Y' to the end of animal names makes them seem so cuter. eg: horsey, doggy, birdy, amirite?

umm Platypus-y?? No.

Celebrities who name their kids really ridiculous names are just mean, it's as if they want their kids to get bullied, amirite?

"Hey you can't mess with me, my mom is famous." "Yeah well at least MY mom didn't name me Table"

If you add the phrase "in my pants" to end of any popular song title, especially Black Eyed Peas' songs, you WILL laugh immaturely, amirite?

Lets get it started.... In my pants

Nearly everyone on amirite was born in the 1990's, amirite?


It seems like the majority are from '95
raises eyebrows

What's the big deal about having an item at Walmart 20 cents more than at another store?! It's only 20 cents, amirite?

But the 20 cents adds up. Like if I bought 5 of them then I have a dollar to get a giant hershey bar!

It's proper and polite to let the person behind you in the grocery line that has two items in their hands go ahead of you if you have a cart full, amirite?

That happens to me too, but once my friend was in that situation and the lady's son came up with 2 baskets of stuff..

It would be really awkward for a soldiers last name to be Roger, amirite?

I met a private with the last name Private

It pisses you off when your shoelace somehow seems to remove itself from its hole and there isn't an aglet on it so you can't easily just put it back in, amirite?

A-G-L-E-T AGLET! Don't forget it!
-Phineas and Ferb

Pretty girls can post the stupidest things as their statuses and get 200 likes, while all us ugly people have to work hard for them. amirite?

Is everyone either a pretty girl or an ugly person??

Jesus never read the bible and he turned out fine, amirite?

Jesus WAS the bible. Seriously,man!

We should have teacher elections in schools, where there should be a voting booth and everything and those teachers with the lowest votes would get fired - perfect way for kids to get good teachers and the students to be happy, amirite?

That's bound to turn out badly

They should make a camera that looks like a gun so when you shoot it at people you can photo their reactions. amirite?

I have a great idea. For somebody else! Take the camera to the airport and take pictures of the airline names, planes, random people..... Oh and even the security guards!
Who agrees??