You hate that awkward moment in the car with your parent and the radio starts talking about something extremely sexual, and you're both just sitting there pretending like you don't hear anything, amirite?

Once I was in the car with my mum and a inappropriate song was playing. And she turned up the radio...

'Teen Mom' is disgusting. All it does is cause girls far too young to raise a child to get knocked up and expect to get on the show, amirite?

Ehh, I see it as a good/bad show. Mostly bad, but good because it shows the crap you'll have to deal with when you have sex that young and whatever.
And at first I never really thought girls would be THAT stupid to ruin their life just to go on a show...

Earthquake in Japan, Tia did it. Amirite?

Friends with benefits.

Its easier to buy girls gifts than it is for boys. Amirite?

Make him a sammich.

At least once you've used something other than toilet paper to wipe when you've run out. amirite?
@Haha what? Why would there be coffee filters in your bathroom? & if they weren't and you got up to get it, why...

I don't have coffee filters in my bathroom...

And I get them instead of toilet paper because I don't have any toilet paper?

At least once you've used something other than toilet paper to wipe when you've run out. amirite?

Coffee Filters.

What's with everyone obsessing over the fact that nothing rhymes with orange? 'Purple' has no rhymes, either, amirite?

Purple - Urkel? :3

its annoying when someone says "then you times it by 2" its MULTIPLY IT, amirite?

I say that sometimes. Now I feel stupid. :/

It sucks when you find gold coins..and they turn out to be chocolate. Amirite?
Skittles really needs to put a blue in their colors before they claim "Taste the Rainbow". amirite?

The sour kind used to have blue ones. ):

there are no "gay" songs................................................. amirite?

I beg to differ..

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You wanna party with Anthony on his 21st birthday, amirite?
You wonder how many people on here live in your town or go to your school, amirite?
Imaginary friends are the best: they never put you down or laugh at your mistakes, you don't fight with them and they're always there when you need them, amirite?
@BreakfastFan One day my imaginary friend snapped and went on a raping spree that ended in a murder-murder-murder-suicide :( It...

My imaginary friend died from doing too much heroin. ): We tried to help him, but it was too late...