It's only a matter of time before feminist extremists start to adopt the philosophies of female praying mantis, amirite?
You believe a commercial less when you recognize one of the "real people" from a tv show, amirite?

Or once you realize that when they show the "real customers" it says paid actors at the bottom of the screen.

The last day of the Olympics should just be all the gold medalists playing dodgeball until we have one ultimate champion, amirite?

That'd be the only part of the Olympics I'd watch.

Everybody has that one weird food combination they enjoy, like apples slathered in mustard or something crazy like that, amirite?

M&Ms and pear flavored applesauce... wary smilie

You have, at some point, put something in a safe place and then forgotten where the 'safe place' is, amirite?

And it was never seen again.

The feeling of weightlessness seems like a major perk of living in a potential civilian space station... until you start thinking about people sneezing, babies spitting up, and other bodily functions going awry. Zero-g has lost some of its allure, amirite?

It wouldn't be too bad really because fluids turn into spheres in zero gravity. So there would just be balls of god knows what floating around.

Unexpected pictures usually make you look completely stupid, amirite?

Sometimes unexpected pictures can turn out better then pictures you plan though...sometimes.

You have your own mental list of words that are fun to say. amirite?


You've met a famous person before, amirite?

Does a guy from the news count? pobably not :/

Third time's the charm, amirte? Amitie? Amirite?
@RainCloud_16 Am I tie??!?

Don't make me reveal my secret! shhh...

Third time's the charm, amirte? Amitie? Amirite?

Am I tie??!?

It drives you nuts when people call themselves random. E.g: "hahaha, im so RANDOM and WEIRD ahahahahaa. Amirite?

It seems that every middle schooler thinks they are random at least at somepoint.

In Australia, every Barbie doll is covered in shrimp, amirite?

That's a very strange mental picture...

You get sleepy when you're trying to stay awake. You stay wide awake when you're trying to sleep. amirite?

All the fucking time!

no matter how hot it is, you always have to sleep with a blanket, amirite?

Power was out this weekend and it was around 100°; I still had to have my blanket cover part of my legs but that was all I could handle.