Ha I was thinking it ment triangle the shape. It took me longer then it should to figure it out.

You do weird shit when you're home alone, amirite?

I love being home alone, though it doesnt happen often. I feel as if I can be my self then cause there's no one around to judge me or to tell me what to do.

You can't spell The word ''Pedophile'' without Pope. amirite?

or without people, hid, dope, lie, help, heel, hope, peel, hoe, hop, hip, die, pee, deep there are problably more.

<-- (look to your left) that is your weapon in the zombie apocalypse, amirite?
@It's a lamp.

same here, but i also have a box of tissues, hmm i think the lamp will be more usefull, though im probably still screwed...beats zombie with small lamp "die die!" arm is riped off "oh shit!" dies

You understand why people want people to put more chips in the bag, but all the air is in there to keep the chips from being crushed. amirite?

Yet they still get chrushed.

Hey skank, the point that you get pregnant and have a baby is the point where your partying days are over. Grow up, get a job and step up. I don't wanna see any posts on facebook about you going out and getting "drunkkkkkkk with muh gurrrrlllssss", you have bigger responsibilities now, amirite?

Yeah, I have a friend who's 16 and has a baby and is also pregnant but she drinks, smokes weed, and get angry very easily. She definintely shouldn't be a mother. :/

There should be a tv show on discovery or history channel where it's just old people talking about their personal recollections about significant events throughout history. It would be so interesting to hear first hand experiences from people recalling the depression, pearl harbor, world war 2, Vietnam, etc., amirite?

Back in my day...

Silent letters are kind of weird. I mean why put the extra "k" in knob. Its like if I were to walk up to you and say "Hi, my name is Bkob, but the k is silent." "NO BITCH YOUR NAME IS BAKOB!", amirite?

When I read the first half I was agreeing that the silent letters are strange but then I got to the end and it made me laugh simply because I pictured someone yelling it.

There is an ad for philips lifeline under this post with a picture of an old man on the floor looking dead. It made me laugh...

Some parents expect their kids to be adults way to young. We have childhood for a reason, amirite?

And some never want you to grow up.

theres always that person that you have a crush on but don't actually want to be with, amirite?

Yes there is a guy thats in a few of my classes that I think would be an awesome friend but I also kind of like him but really I just want to be a friend. :/

"I'm trapped in a room with no windows.." seems scary until you realize it could totally be the bathroom, amirite?

But my bathroom has a window. Though my bedroom doesn't.

You have seen a child that was so cute that you actually didn't know what to do. Like, you wanted to go up and hug it and eat it and lock it away somewhere for being too cute, all at the same time. amirite?

I think hugging might be the best thing to do. People don't like it when strangers eat and or lock away their children. :p

http://www.amirite.net/79471 you have proven that post to be right.

The last day of the Olympics should just be all the gold medalists playing dodgeball until we have one ultimate champion, amirite?

That'd be the only part of the Olympics I'd watch.