Non-Americans: Sometimes you Americanise things you post on the internet (such as brand names, slang words, etc.) because otherwise no one would know what you're talking about, amirite?
@silvershadow6 Yep. I like how you say Americanise whereas an American would spell it Americanize.

Yes, I agree. As an American, I do not understand what you are talking about if you use an s in place of a z. WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST "Z"s, EUROPE????

You wish multitudes of small unpleasantries on someone you dislike, not one big bad thing, like cancer, amirite?

A thousand stubbed toes upon your household!!

Only if detention was like The Breakfast Club, amirite?

That's impossible, sir. It's in Johnson's pants.

You get more upset about inconsistencies in Spongebob than you do about the fact that they're TALKING FISH. amirite?

I have this conversation all the time, about books, movies, TV shows, etc.
"Jordan. They're hobbits. They don't exist."

whenever you watch the Titanic you always hope that somehow the ending will turn out differently and it will all end happily, amirite?

At the end, I always freak out.
WAIT! NO!!! DON'T DIE!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..................

You think that it would be sweet to win one of those "Spend a Day with (insert celebrity)!" contests, but when you REALLY think about it, it would just be awkward, amirite?

Especially when you have to do something crazy to win it.

Erm. Hi.
How are you?
How did you win this contest again?
I made a forty page scrapbook of all of your television appearances.
Oh. ...

I am a muslim girl and i wear the hijab. this is my choice, my own free will. but, FOX news told you differently, amirite?
@It's not your free will, chances are your parents are forcing you to.

I have a ton of Muslim friends. Some wear a hijab, some do not. It isn't oppression at all, and they aren't being forced into it. Whatsoever.

It was funny to find out that when the typewriter was invented by Hungarian immigrant Qwert Yuiop, that he left his "signature"on the keyboard, amirite?

mmmm. I assume this is a joke.

You sometimes see posts on the home page with only a few ratings and think "Mine will definitely make it." And then it doesn't end up making it. amirite?

Like... oh look, it's only got a score of 25, and mine has a score of 95, and keeps getting should get posted......maybe....................someday?

It took Harry Potter seven, extremely long, books to get the bad guy. It only takes Scooby Doo 25 minutes. amirite?

Well, he does get him... several times. He gets him before the first book.... Scooby doo doesn't have to kill the guys.

It sucks to live in the shadow of your older brother or sister. Imagine if Jesus Christ had a little brother or sister. How do you live up to THAT? amirite?

He did, haha. I know John never really mentioned the fact that they were related, though, so.... you pretend you're not related. Bam.

Even though is sounds like a bad idea....we would all go see Inception 2 if they made one...or maybe that's their idea... amirite?
@gananas why do you say that?

I honestly just don't get it, not due to any part of the movie. It didn't seem that crazy. Why was it supposed to be mindblowing?

Even though it's kinda disgusting, girls secretly do love being whistled at by construction workers, amirite?


It's bothersome when you talk to somebody ALL THE TIME on Facebook like BFFs, and then when you see them in real life, they just ignore you, amirite?

Your friend: I hate it when you never talk to someone at school or something, but they see you on facebook and they harass you!! And you don't want to be rude and act like you don't care about them, amirite?

Persia was a prettier name than Iran, amirite?

I think Persia and Iran are almost equal when you say Iran correctly.