About me.

Hello. I see you have clicked on my username. Good choice.
I'm Ram.
I'm sure my awkwardness in typing this comes across in the text. It just feels awkward to do this for some reason. Yep.
The following bands/shows are extraordinary.

Nirvana (Courtney killed Kurt, probably)
Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl is a god)
Smashing Pumpkins (They suck now, with that fucking electric shit)
"Weird Al" Yankovic (A little comment)
Also, Green Day was good, then they sold out and....yeah.

The Simpsons (Classic Era)
The Office (Dwight is my hero)
Get Smart
Ancient Aliens (Scarily interesting)
Pawn Stars (Fuck IMDB, by the way)
Decoded (I do enjoy the History Channel. Also, that 2012 episode was awful. By which I mean it scared me. By which I mean it was awful.)
Monk (The internet had better not ruin this for me.)

Back to the Future (Great Scott!)
Harry Potter
National Treasure
Paranormal Activity
The Sandlot (You're killing me, Smalls!)

Harry Potter
Percy Jackson and the Olympians (The movie was fucking terrible. I wrote a page long rant on Microsoft Word after seeing it.)Actually, Alexandra Daddario. That is all.
But really, the script sucked.
The Three Investigators (They are from...my dad's time. The movies were also fucking terrible.)
Hunger Games

That's me.

Proud Grammar Nazi.


"We don't kill people, we viciously correct grammar."

Greek Mythology is awesome, by the way.

I wish I could drum.
EDIT: I fucking can now. It's amazing.

I can't talk. It sucks. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vocal_cord_paresis

Let me restate, Dave Grohl is some sort of god.

I finally did this.