So annoying! And when they try to adopt children and give them a loving home?! Inconceivable!

When getting all A's... my parents do not proceed to buy me a mustang or get me the latest branded fashion. Instead a pat on the back and a "good job kiddo", amirite?

I only got paid once for good grades. 20 bucks. And I was a freaking valedictorian AND graduate of distinction, which requires a 95 average, a certain ACT score, and at least four AP classes. I would have appreciated just a trip for ice cream once or something.

Girls, you may have your period, but you also get consecutive orgasms that don't make a mess, and the entire world doesn't have to know when you're horny. Count your blessings, amirite?
You get an A on the test and your grade goes up 0.2 %, and you get a C and it drops like 10 %. Wtf? amirite?
Miley Cyrus's chance of being assassinated by a Nirvana fan just skyrocketed, amirite?

Hmm, so they went through with Grunge Hannah Montana.

It's annoying how some girls at school are told they need to change clothes because they violate the rules, but other girls can get away with wearing microscopic shorts and tank tops without anybody saying a word, amirite?

This happens at my school all the time. Girls get caught for a hole in their jeans, then other girls -- who play sports -- get by with tiny gym shorts. It's not fair.

If you had Morgan Freeman's voice, you'd sit in a corner and talk to yourself all day, amirite?

I'd hide walkie talkies in people's carts at the grocery store and narrate what they do.

Why do so many girls think it's so cute to put a <3 after everything they write. Thunderstorms <3, amirite?

I'm so sick. Shouldn't have eaten that clam chowder. <3

The reason why so many girls dress slutty is because we have Barbies, Bratz, and My Scene dolls for examples of how we should dress.. amirite?

I played with Bratz, Barbies, and Polly Pocket and I don't dress slutty. Generally. But seriously, that's like saying every kid who plays with Hot Wheels is gonna be a NASCAR driver.

There are some people that are such boring texters, you have a hard time wasting your unlimited texts on them. Amirite?

I absolutely hate it when people respond with single words, like "yeah" or "okay." Or "lol." I take that as the end of the conversation.

For special occasions, girls with straight hair curl it and girls with curly hair straighten it, amirite?

My hair is straight, but sometimes instead of curling it I'll put it up to spend less time getting ready.

those songs or phrases you learned when you were little that helped you remember something in school, still help you today, amirite?

I've remembered the quadratic equation for five years because the teacher taught it to us by singing it to Pop Goes the Weasel.

girls: its creepy when you start a new class and your the ONLY girl in it and so the teacher is all nicer and the other students are all looking at you like you dont belong. amirite?

This happened with me in PE. Double awkward when we went swimming.

If teachers realized how much more productive children have been proven to be when chewing gum, they would allow it, amirite?

But manners are not taught anymore, so the loud and obnoxious chewing and/or bubble popping is distracting to all the other students. I know it's soooo distracting to me.

@FlyingGuineaPig I was quoting The Princess Bride.

Ahhhh I'm so sorry! I'm terrible with quotes and I'm super defensive about my vocabulary because around here, the biggest word most people use is NASCAR and make fun of any "fancy" words I use. x[